Campaign and DLC hive busters online co-op problem

Anyone have problems playing story mode or the new DLC with a friend? Always ends session or someone gets booted and can never join the game.

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Yeah mate. Doesn’t work for me and two other friends either. Someone always get kicked even when all of us have open Nat.

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This is ridiculous! I’m the one to never play story mode co-op but now I do just to level up the ally level and get achievements!

I’ve mainly had issues with my friend I have done this DLC with in coop twice now with the non-host player getting kicked out when a cutscene starts for no reason… but only in Chapter 5/6 and inconsistently. For my friend he only got thrown out once in chapter 6 in the middle of the end boss fight on our first playthrough, as a sort of cutscene triggers before the second section of the fight starts, then, while I was the host, and when he hosted on our second playthrough, I got kicked out by the game or server as the second last cutscene of chapter 5 started, and again in chapter 6 when the ending cutscene after beating the final boss started.

I had problems playing co-op main campaign but no problems with DLC. My team did dlc on Inconceivable the day it dropped with no issues.
The main campaign however was terrible. Some of my friends were constantly kicked out of the game. The whole experience was horrible.

So I figured out the problem for me. I have the series X and my co-op friend plays on Xbox one. I still have my Xbox one and decided to boot it up and try the co-op campaign and everything worked perfectly fine like it should so I beat dlc and regular campaign and then switch to my series X and campaign didn’t work once again lol

Is any one having problems with tje new dlc hivebusters as everytime i get the power booster for myself or my friend when we quit the game the next day we dont have the power boosters anymore can someone explain why is that thanks

Did you ever find a solution for this @FVLLEN_HERO? We’re having the exact same issue - the session ends during online co-op every time.