Campaign act 3 chapter 4 the kraken. Need tips

I’m on the last part of the boss where he blocks the exit ( insane) .
It’s probably my bad aim but im really struggling with this.

Half the time if I stand to far back in the red sand it won’t let me roll out the way.
Any tips on the easiest way to kill this son of a ■■■■■.
The best weapon I’ve found to use is the markza but run out of ammo to soon and when I try to get it I just get grabbed.

I thought there was 3 tongues, but I’ve had them grab all 3 teammates and a 4th grabs me while I’m shooting.

I’ve just completed cod modern warfare 2 remastered today…I can’t say I struggled at any point like I have in parts on gears.
Been doing a chapter on gow 5 then a mission on cod and alternating. But got stuck a few times on gow with bugs. So I decided to finish that and concentrate on gears.
I completed cod on veteran in half the time it’s took me to get to where i am on gears.

There’s no cover, the lancer gl that I got eats through bullets with hardly any effect at times. The retro has the recoil of a pissed off snake and the boltok almost seems to hardly do any damage.
Any help or tips will be appreciated.

you looking to do this straight up?

you can use second controller and log in as guest. have the second controller Kate and your main insane account as Jack. have the guest on beginner. move jack off to the side . he stays invisiable on insane and then use retro with ami assit on and short burst the tongues just to relase your pals.

For my run in Insane I took the sniper earlier in the game(it’s a one shot with an active reload) and the frozen stun from jack to help with the allies who getting caught, other wise keep on rolling to avoid the tongue. Good luck !!

Thanks guys. I done it straight away on my 2nd attempt the next day.