Campaign Act 2 Chapter 4 glitch

I’m aware there are many bugs and glitches in the game at this point, but I’m dealing with one that I haven’t seen discussed yet. In Act 2 with the skiff, I searched through pretty much the whole map (most importantly the north radio tower) before going to the east radio tower. Now that I’m there and I get Jack to connect into the screen to locate certain points on the map, I can’t find anything and I’m locked in the room. I watched gameplay on youtube and apparently I’m supposed to find the north radio tower, but since I’ve already been there, I can’t “find” it again, so I’m trapped in and can’t continue in any way.

I’ve loaded the checkpoint and previous checkpoint, but the problem doesn’t go away. It’s just baffling to me that the “open world” parts so far are designed so poorly that you seemingly can’t search the map in your own way. And I remember when entering the north tower, Kait commenting that it doesn’t matter which one you go to first etc.

Anyone else run into this?

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Yep; I am currently banging my head against this. I really hope that I don’t have to start the chapter over. I’d appreciate anyone else who has a solution.

im stuck cause an animation won’t happen it thinks del is still on the skiff while he walking around


I’m having the same issue as Slushi. I cleared the entire area including side missions and I can’t progress from the main point under the ice. It registers Del as on the skiff while we’re walking around and I can’t scan the ice.


I have the exact same issue. Jack won’t scan the ice where the transmission signal is.

I selected “Reload Previous Checkpoint” and Jack scanned the ice. Fingers crossed.

Tried that, too. Still nothing. I really don’t want to have to replay this entire mission. It was long, difficult, and a lot of work to get everything in the map. This could be where I let off of campaign…

I’m at a point where I completed a side mission where you fight the kestrel. Upon returning to the skiff the part where you mount is super high off the ground and I cant get on it. So I decided I’d run my way to the next point. Nope you get too far away and you hit an invisible wall.

Did u ever get past the i been having this problem since this morning

I had to start the chapter from the beginning. Probably didn’t collect as many componenst for Jack as the first time around because I just speedran through the sidemissions, but it wasn’t so bad. Still kinda sucked to start all over again. Now I just wish I won’t run into more problems. Fingers crossed.

I’m stuck in the same problem. Have you resolved yours?

I have the exactly same problem. Have you resolved yours??

I’m stuck in the room right now he can’t find a signal… I’m loving the campaign this threw a wrench in that

I found the signal, I won’t spoil it but the signal is not on a mark you uncovered already, just listen for the sound when you are close.

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I found the best way past this was to join another campaign game online at Act 2 chapter 4. Progress a little so it saves, if u start a new save you can now go to act 2 chapter 5 with collectables etc retained

Bois it isnt a glitch u just have to find the signal your controller will start vibrating when your close took me 20 mins to find it lmao

Had the same problem, just activated the vibration of your pad and it solved the problem instanly

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So nice that the coalition is telling anyone using an adaptive controller to pound sand. First party game just ignoring a huge accessibility feature. If I was Microsoft would be so pissed at the dozens of things that didn’t get done for this game.

I’m having the same issue when I hit X to have jack connect to the signal comp where we have to deactivate the turrents, I can’t do anything. Jack connects and it’s as if my controller is off, just stuck on that screen. This is beyond annoying