Campaign Achievement Bug

Same issue here. I did the last chapter three times more and the achievement still cannot pop-up.

Same issue here but I bet it has to do with the stats for campaign. When you check the campaign chapters they say complete but if you go under stats you will find that some of the chapters in the acts say they are incomplete. I think those are the one you have to redo to complete the achievements. Super frustrating!! Smh. Hope this works for everyone having this problem.

Same problem.86% and80% …


theoretically, if they do patch it later on, will the achievements unlock themselves or do I have to restart the entire campaign all over again on insane? it took me 4 days to do it on insane and I really don’t want to do it again

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TC is hoping progression will restore, but until the rollout is complete we as users won’t know for sure.

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Would if possible because a secret ending?

Bugged at 93% for me with both achievements. Went back to campaign and tried to continue which is the last shoot his mouth and fire cannon once. But even after doing it again and waiting through the entire credits nothing.

This was on Twitter:

#Gears5 Update: 6:05pm PT, Sept 11

We are currently rolling out a progression catch-up on Campaign Progress, Collectibles and related Achievements for impacted players.

This is an extensive rollout, and may take up to 24 hours to complete. Thank you for your patience.


I was playing on insane difficulty only for it to automatically switch me to intermediate without me even realizing while playing. What a waste of time. I actually thought i got better for a second there. Boy was I fooled.

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I just completed the game on “Experienced”, and like you guys, I didn’t get the achievement… -_-

When looking at stats, it says I haven’t completed chapter 3 and 4 on Act 3, which are big damn chapters!! It also says I completed the last chapter (2 in act 4) on “Beginner”, which is BS.

I love Gears, But TC better fix this without me having to spend precious time to replay huge chunks of the game!!

I’m extremely disappointed that the game got released in such poor shape. This is complete BS!!

Don ´t get the Fallen Condors Achievement as well! :frowning: Cleared the 3 Condor Points already 10x.

Dang I really was hoping for that crazy train achievement. Finished the campaign on insane and it says I’m 93%. Please fix this.

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I’m having the same issue as well. I’ll have to wait a day or so to play the game to allow time to completely patch the achievements.

Stuck on 93% finished the game on insane and no achievement yet :man_shrugging:t2:

My husband and I have only been playing the campaign on Co op (tradition for gears), however he has more collectibles than I do (55% vs 54%) and his campaign completion achievement progress is at 53% while mine is at 46%. This is super annoying as neither of us have accurately tracked stats in game so I have no way of knowing what chapter I need to go back and replay, we’ve already had to restart insane campaign 4 times, and currently have a game breaking bug with Jack.

Same here Insane complete, and no achievement. I was expecting the achievements at the end of the credits and nothing. The game is also not keeping count of my kills to rank up. in some of the daily missions.
It is frustrating to play like that, with no purpose :triumph::man_facepalming:t4:

Main menu > stats > campaign > Acts tab…
go over each act. it will show which chapters are missing the completion info.
In my case, I lost all act I. I am not sure if it was due the friday live outage or the “overwrite save” that should not affect your overall stats on the game…
Anyway, we can try clearing the ones we missed and that should be cool to get it done.

I was hoping for inconceivable. Did not unlock anything new… maybe in the future…

I have the same problem plus the collectibles aren’t working.

Oh I don’t know if cause I started playing on the Xbox and then to PC in the middle of act 1 so I don’t know if that the problem.

same for me, checked and double checked all the campaigns acts and all completed, also mentions completed campaign on the hardest level (insane) on every act but didn’t unlock the achievement, currently saying 66%

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