Campaign Achievement Bug

I just completed the Campaign on Insane and I didn’t get the achievement All Aboard the Crazy Train! or Discovered the True Threat to Sera. Anyone else having this issue. It’s says I’m 66% to completion, but I’ve looked at all Acts and they show the emblem for difficulty completion.


Same problem here but on 80%


I beat all of Act 2 on insane but no achievment. I think it had to do with when Xbox Live went down yesterday that Achievements aren’t working.

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same problem and not only with Campaign 's achievement. a few of them are bugged

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same. finshed the campaign on normal, but dont get the real threat achievement and think its at 73%. Even played the last chapter again differently to see if something changed. is there supposed to be only two parts to the last chapter? or do all components need to be found or something. Pretty sure if did all the side quests.

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Also happened to me !

Beaten on Insane no achievements

Same here this is not okay

Its definitely not just on insane difficulty either. Just beat it on normal and no achievement for any difficulty.

Also the collectible achievement is having issues with recording properly.

I have the same problem with Discovered the True Threat to Sera…

Guys, I believe strongly that the game has an issue with the cloud saving procedures, it appears the servers synching old files for saves, meaning, the server thinks you are still at 66% or 80% (with me it is 66% too btw), and it keeps that way. It temporarily only keeps new saves (like proceeding to next act, the reason those achievements you are getting), but when finishing the game it detects the old corrupted save and does not allow the whole campaign to register as completed. This is a serious problem and an only fix is to replay all from scratch, as bad as it sounds. I also recommend waiting until TC confirms this and patches this.

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I also had the same problem, but then I look over my acts and chapters, and one of my chapters said incomplete. So I did the chapter again

Same issue here. I did the last chapter three times more and the achievement still cannot pop-up.

Same issue here but I bet it has to do with the stats for campaign. When you check the campaign chapters they say complete but if you go under stats you will find that some of the chapters in the acts say they are incomplete. I think those are the one you have to redo to complete the achievements. Super frustrating!! Smh. Hope this works for everyone having this problem.

Same problem.86% and80% …


theoretically, if they do patch it later on, will the achievements unlock themselves or do I have to restart the entire campaign all over again on insane? it took me 4 days to do it on insane and I really don’t want to do it again

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TC is hoping progression will restore, but until the rollout is complete we as users won’t know for sure.

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Would if possible because a secret ending?

Bugged at 93% for me with both achievements. Went back to campaign and tried to continue which is the last shoot his mouth and fire cannon once. But even after doing it again and waiting through the entire credits nothing.

This was on Twitter:

#Gears5 Update: 6:05pm PT, Sept 11

We are currently rolling out a progression catch-up on Campaign Progress, Collectibles and related Achievements for impacted players.

This is an extensive rollout, and may take up to 24 hours to complete. Thank you for your patience.


I was playing on insane difficulty only for it to automatically switch me to intermediate without me even realizing while playing. What a waste of time. I actually thought i got better for a second there. Boy was I fooled.

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