Camera rotation

Is there an option to turn off the camera from readjusting itself. It’s friggin annoying how it auto centers. If I want it centered I’ll move it back to center. It’s great you guys decided to try doing new things with the game but this just feels ridiculous I feel like I have to fight the damn game controls more than the swarm. Give us back full camera control.


Make sure single stick movement is turned off in control settings. I accidentally turned it on when I went to adjust my sensitivity and had the same problem.

LoL thanks yeah I figured that out a few days ago when I was watching my son play. So I restored defaults and readjusted only the sensitivity settings. My own dumb fault for not paying attention to what I was messing with.

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So Is there a way to turn Camera Center automatic off while still having Single stick controls? I want the setting on I just do not want the auto center function. The reason is to reduce input lag

This should definitely be doable why should it centre its self! It’s a joke! This needs to be fixed!

How do I fix my camera it goes up when I go down and down when I go up it’s hard to play like this helppp

Sounds like you’ve got your controls set to inverted just change them back in controller setting.

The only problem im having is the character cant keep up with the sensitivity feels so slow even though im on 27 in gears 3 i was on 19 sensitivity and it worked fine this games broken