Camera angles. What changed

What is up with the moving screen. Making this game dumb. If I’m looking forward I want it to look forward. Not progressively go up. Very annoying

That sounds like your right stick is broken, if you’re on controller.


Sounds like you’ve got stick drift on your controller.

Look up a Guide for cleaning Controller/Sticks with Rubbing-Alcohol if that doesn’t help you’ll need a new one.

Gotta be honest - no amount of alcohol ever helped me with that problem lol
I get stick drift on almost all of my controllers. So I just buy a new one.

At the risk of sounding like a TC shill, I find it bewildering that the OP’s first instinct was to attribute blame for this issue to the game. It’s an extremely common and well known issue as old as analogue thumbsticks have been around (more or less, although I’ve only personally experienced this since the 360 generation - probably due to me not being as into gaming prior).


Tried increasing that stick’s Dead Zone to see if it helps? If it doesn’t help, yeah, a new controller may need to be used.

I fixed mine like 3x already using a Q-tip.

But on the older one i had, nothing helped.