Came back after a while and reupped

And I get a single bloodspray? WTF TC? Gears 4 was FAR more rewarding than this entire unlock system. How much do you have to ■■■■ up where I would PREFER RNG lootboxes?


Just wait till you get single Desert Camo skins for the next re-ups :eyes:


Ryan stated on the last dev stream that there were plans to add “cool stuff” to reups they haven’t gotten to yet. So keep an eye out for that…


But I hope it’s retroactive for us already on the Re-Ups.

I played Gears 4 so much and only ever got to Re-Up 14.

Although I’m Re-Up 10 in Gears 5, there are far more levels too.

It is a bit underwhelming.

Re-Ups should have something like:

-3 Days of Free Boost
-100 Iron
-250 Scrap
-Exclusive Re-Up Skins/Characters

And then every 5 to 10 Re-Ups should give you slightly more rewards.


I find the grind to be a bit ridiculous. Why is there a gap of 2,000 XP between individual reups from 15-20 as well? All it serves is to inflate the XP requirements to an absurd level considering the way XP gains have been adjusted accordingly to a lower XP number, for anything after 20. This sort of gap should be reserved for the later ones, not square in the middle(not even, but it’s far too early for that regardless). Like they didn’t learn a thing about the absurd grind in Gears 4. Yes, I get it, they wanna sell their Boost s… n stuff. I made it to Wings 5 in Gears 4 just a few months before Gears 5 released. After that I have no intention to participate in another badly engineered TC XP grind designed to make you buy an XP boosting “solution” to a problem that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Currently Reup 15 in Gears 5, but haven’t made much progress in weeks. Player built hives don’t give you anything.

If at least the rewards were worth it, but 1 skin per reup even up to 36? Yeah, no thanks. If it’s already going to be this grindy, at least make it worth it instead of the dull, boring looking Team Ice set.

Yeah, exactly this.

The grind is crazy high.

Even the ally system, level 4 to 5 is just way too long.

I don’t think I want Boost, Scrap or Iron from Re-ups. The XP needed for higher Re-ups are so massive that these three rewards I listed are not worth the trouble. Would prefer cosmetic like Banner, Execution, Character / Weapon Skin.

It’s a combination.

You don’t want additional Boost, Iron & Scrap as well as what you listed / basically what I listed too?

Kinda strange to me tbh,

But I guess some people turn down extra / free / additional stuff …

They are just easy to obtain. Or someone could have plenty of Scrap or Iron. Cosmetics are a bit more special and exclusive.

But getting Iron, Scrap and Boost on top of everything else is better than not getting them :man_shrugging:

Fair enough. But I would prefer it was others, cosmetics. Or them together.

The more they give us in Re-Ups, the better tbh.

100 Iron is nothing.

I re-roll thousands when new ToD drops.

Scrap is useless to me, I have 11K but others might find it useful.

Boost is always welcome.

And I expect better content anyway for Re-Ups.

Re up characters would be rad or Iron boost etc

I mean like higher the re up maybe a cooler exclusive character or something like Adam Fenix in Armor
Chairman Prescott

G o l d e n G e a r

Weapon sets like the good ol Gears 3 Animated Omen,Gold,Liquid Chrome etc.

You know what would be rad? The XP system actually being worth a damn in unlocking stuff like gears 3

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