Came back after a long break

I have always loved the gears of War games, mostly I enjoy the skill curve and learning process of becoming a better player, getting good with the mechanics of the game and the movement system.

I however quit gears 5 not long after release, gears of war 4 left on a strong note giving me high hopes for gears 5, I brought the steel case without even looking into the game just assuming it would be everything us gears fans could hope for since gears 4 towards the end was near perfect in terms of movement. I was soooo wrong. After achieving diamond rank in the horribly new version of escalation (seriously what the ■■■■ did they do to the game mode) I quit because of the weird delays, the melee lock on teleport 5 meters thing, the op rifles, 6 shot gnasher and that weird reload half your clip… Just everything the game shouldn’t of been. It was a load of crap.
I quit before the game even introduced operations I believe, now after a long break I’ve came back and though some weird changes have been made it feels pretty good, they nerfed the melee, put the gnasher back to 8 shots and fixed the active reload. The movement still feels relatively good.

Now for my issues, first of all they removed any competitive modes out of ranked, no exe, no esc… At least give us guardian or something. There’s no excitement in tdm or koth, no competitive edge in these modes. Clutching up in execution used to feel great, or beating that sweaty 5 man on escalation.
2 man squd maz for tdm ranked so if there’s 3 or 4 of us we have to play koth (no real clutch moments other than locking down the map, boring) the game modes are now 4v4 which I kind of like for tdm but not koth.

Then we have this new beta tuning where everything is slowed down, even switching weapons it’s like twice as long to do now. I was pleased with the changes that have been made in my absence and excited to get back into my primary game since 06 but if this is the direction the developers are taking the franchise I think I’ll be quitting again.

I miss the competitiveness, I miss the community, I miss the toxic atmosphere and rivalries. Gears used to be pretty hardcore but now its a bit of a pushover game with limitations and hand holding.

Bring back competitive game modes into ranked, don’t slow down the game any more than it is, the greatest thing about gears is the learning curve and the skill it takes to overcome the odds. Movement has always been a big part in this game and it will be a shame to see it taking steps backwards.

Thank you for finally bringing anya back into the characters tho but please don’t ruin the game after I’ve only just got back into it (since it was a ■■■■ show at launch) by bringing this beta tuning into it. Seriously this game could be so much more than generic. There’s a reason gears of war has had such a loyal fan base, a lot of the veterans of this franchise mostly only play this game, I never used to play anything else until gears 5 came out and it was trash.

Please as a community speak up and keep this game great, let’s stop ruining it for the hardcore fans. Why won’t the developers listen. Nobody wants slowed down gameplay, even call of duty with its camping meta seems more fast paced than the beta tuning on the blitz playlist.

All in all its good to be back, for now anyway


welcome back. i notice you haven’t posted here in two years! You are one of many people who have returned because of the new op only to be let down.

this is the essence of gears.

you are not alone in this sentiment.

same, quit playing for a while due to all this junk.

yeah, they took the intensity out of the modes so people could “vibe” more in rankeds. i despise 4v4 koth and wont play a single match unless it is reverted to 5v5.

many of us stuck with the ups and downs until the downs became too much and we left. things were looking up and now took a nose dive in the eyes of many.

for the moment, i too will be quitting the game again.

you don’t like playing like it’s minecraft?

overall, this post reflects exactly what i have been telling people these past few days There are so many people who left and the current changes will NOT make the game grow. So many people who played gears 4 everyday do NOT play gears 5 at all.

The game does not match up well vs the prime of gears 4.

@TC_Sera @Surly_McGruff

Sorry, if i keep tagging you guys but i feel many of us are not being listened to. Please take note of how many people are saying these same things and have the “It’s been a while since we’ve seen…” message on their post.

TC, you have potential for growth but these players are not sticking around. These changes will make us see another decline by the end of the op.

As it is, people play at the beginning of ops and then leave as such is the nature of having content drops such as operations.