Calyton causes horde to crash?

Is Clayton causing the horde game to crash?

Yup. If a Pouncer’s quill attack hits Clay’s deflecting shield, the game will crash.


I mean we all knew there was gonna be a game breaking bug with the update. Can’t wait to see what game breaking bug TC introduces with Operation 4


OP4: Everyone can play with a perfectly tuned gnasher except @ll_R_E_D_l


That’s something that will never happen in the Gears franchise

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Except for me because my gnasher is perfectly tuned

First Lizzie, now Clayton!? Is it another running gag about the Carmine Family!? :exploding_head:


I was thinking the same thing lol. I fear what Anthony and Benjamin’s ultimates will do the game whenever they’re released


My money is on TC somehow making our Xbox Ones receive the RROD. It sounds ludicrous, but at this â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  point, nothing can surprise me

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Dude if that were to happen this place and Twitter would be insane lol


Day 1 of Gears of War 2, I bought the game, went home, inserted the disc then BAM! Red ring of death! I had been playing earlier that day and it was all fine and dandy.

Coincidence? I think not :thinking:


I used to laugh but now I’m crying and a bit of me dies every time I play gears 5. First Lizzies silverback and now Claytons Sheeeeeeeyat! I’ve crashed about 9 games in a row now because I just can’t believe that this can happen again…These Assssssshoooooooos! At TC are just taking the piss out of us now.