Calling the new classes by their old character names

I’m still gonna be calling the new classes by their old character names. Is this just me, or are others gonna be doing this too?


Probably but I’m just gonna accidentally do both anyway


The class names seem kinda wordy imo, I’ve been reffering them by the associated character names any time I share any news concerning patches and the like with some friends.

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So we got a Kait JD, a Keegan Lahni, a Baird Kat, a Mac Cole, etc… etc… :crazy_face:


I really feel like these changes have come at time where most people had started to get used to being particular characters with their corresponding abiliies.

I think these chnages will bring confusion to the class system, especially with duplicate classes allowed.

Don’t even get me started on the bugs these chnages will probably introduce…


Fixed it.


This is definitely how I view it. I can see if this was done within a couple of months after the game was released, but doing it a year + after it’ll definitely cause confusion, and some getting use to.

The only real thing I dislike is some of the class names. What does “Pilot” say about what Lizzie’s class does beyond using the Silverback? Even then, the name doesn’t seem very good. Also not fond of “Gunner” for Clayton’s.

Well, that and duplicates that definitely weren’t necessary with some nerfs that people said may not be the best idea ever(Fahz/“Marksman” Ambush) or just weren’t thought through very well(Laceration distance requirement being excessively low for TCs artificial difficulty with bullet sponges that have 99% hit accuracy and down you by just looking at you the wrong way) with no indication of some fixes that should be here(Dropshot RNG damage values where the player has no influence - not “skill” - to name one).

Clayton’s class should’ve been called the “Grub Killer” class


the names are so bizarre because most don’t really explain what the class does, I would have never came up with like half of those names because the whole point should’ve been to make it more clear/concise (UI changes do that for sure) yet they give names like “Anchor” to Mac, or they call Cole’s class “Brawler” even though Lahni’s class has a card with that name in it… Its a hot mess and will take months for people to fully ‘get’.


I mentioned it in another thread, but personally I’ll be sticking to playing all PVE classes as their current pre-Op 5 corresponding character. So JD will always be Demolitions; Lahni will always be Blademaster; Kait will always be Infiltrator.

The only current PVE character I will mix it up with is the COG Gear because I like to think the COG Gear is like a faceless nobody who can be anything. I will probably do something like choose the Onyx Guard skin if I’m playing a more attack-orientated class; and a normal COG Gear skin if it’s more support related.

Aside from that, I’ll treat the current non-PVE characters like Dom, Minh, Sam etc a bit more flexibly, but I’ve got this sort of head-canon in me that I can’t get out of. I’ll never choose Dom or Sam to be an engineer-type; Dizzy will never be a sniper; and Tai will never be a support-type. I’ve done this since GOW4. Certain characters fit certain classes. :wink:

For the record here’s my initial thoughts on the non-PVE characters and what classes I think correlate best:

Dom - Veteran, Infiltrator or Marksman - a reference to Dom’s past as a commando; or general ability as a soldier.

Dizzy - Tactician or Mechanic. Tactician because in GOW3 he was sent on ammo scavenging jobs for Anvil Gate; and Mechanic because he seems to know repairs and mechanics because of his experience around Rigs.

Tai - Gunner or Infiltrator , and Nomad as a maybe- Gunner as a reference to Tai being as tough as a Brumak, so being a tank makes sense. Also Torque skills is a reference to his Islander background. And Infiltrator as a reference to his stealth skills (which was shown in one of the comics). An execution-build Nomad is due to Tai being the one who first used a chainsaw on a Locust thus inspiring the creation of the Lancer.

Sam - not really sure. Marksman or Combat Medic? I really don’t know. I vaguely remember Sam carrying a Lancer and Longshot in GOW3 campaign but I might be wrong.

Anya - Combat Medic or Tactician - she was the one tending to Prescott when he was injured in GOW3. Not that it saved him, so it seems she’s not a very good Medic! :smiley: Tactician because she was obviously dealing with Comms in GOW1-2.

Minh - Tactician or Veteran - Minh seemed to use the Lancer primarily and was leader of Delta Squad.

Gabriel - Mechanic - a reference to his time and experience in the COG motorpool, and that he wrote a manual on maintenence of the King Raven, so he seems tech-minded.

Jinn-Bot - Demolitions? Seems apt that she can call in artillery strikes. Or maybe Marksman as a reference to her Bot’s Guardian ability to see through things? Or maybe as a Robotics Expert?

DeeBee - Robotics Expert makes sense, but Pilot would work. If using DR1 skin then Gunner or Infiltrator makes sense to me as they use weapons commonly used by DR1’s.

UIR Soldier - probably anything given they are versatile “nobodies”.

Anthony - not really sure. Combat Medic maybe? Not because Anthony was a medic, just that it’s the closest to being a generic support class.

Benjamin - Marksman or fire-build Brawler. He carried a Longshot for alot of the GOW2 campaign, and he also loves fire. Using his Cole ultimate will really break immersion though!

Gary - no clue as he appears so little in GOW4.Maybe Pilot? He manages to draw the Vulture’s attention during the attack on the village, so tank makes a bit of sense. And his biker skin variant means he rides motorbikes, so riding a… Silverback…? Bit of a stretch there…!


I won’t play the current characters in classes other than what they are now, but for the characters I like which aren’t currently able to play Horde and Escape, I will mix them up a bit. So Kait will always be an Infiltrator. But Ben Carmine might also be one. Or Lahni might only ever be a Blademaster (mistress?) but Tai might also be one, or he might be a Brawler or whatever.

Just don’t give him a Gnasher…


Kait, to me will always be a sniper, since she uses that in the story and books. Was tired of her being the scout-type class while the loudmouth with the shades was the sniper.

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It will take some time to get used to but ill still be calling them by their original character names. I imagine ill be playing soon enough messaging Baird to build lockers and then a Mac will build them instead while I stand there like this


TC should put the original characters’ name in parentheses next to the new name for at least Op 5 to make the transition a little smoother. This, or it basically allows you to keep calling the class whatever you want without confusion

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Lol I feel similarly. More likely than not I’ll frequently play the corresponding character/class but I’ve been looking forward to playing Sniper Kait.

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I’ll be doing things like nothings changed if I can help it.

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I’m still doing it. Gonna take me a while too so hopefully people are patient with me here. Hard to unlearn what I already learned over a years time. Plus, I’m old and don’t like change, lol.

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