So, you’re probably wondering why I’ve called you all here. Well, for starters I’ve already realized the perils of solo queue. Being that I only have 5 Comp games under my belt in Gears 5, I don’t see myself as a great player by any means. However, I’m finding out that there are players out there who seem to have much more trouble grasping the basic ins and outs of the game. My previous experience with Gears games is probably the cause of this disconnect between myself and other new players. This disconnect has quickly made solo queue much less appealing to me. SO, I was hoping that with this post I could kill two birds with one stone.

             STONE #1 - Becoming a better player with the help of players who are better than me.
             STONE #2 - Significantly upgrading my overall experience with the Competitive playlist.

Now, lets get down to brass tax. What I’m hoping for is a consistent set of players to run games with. Player that are striving to get better at the game, and who are serious about what it takes to become truly good at this video game. Currently, I work a part-time job and have a lot of time on my hands. Even if you don’t have as much time as I do, I’d still love to jam out and play some games. I’ve already found a couple of cool people on here, now I’m trying to call the rest of you to arms. There are few things more enjoyable to me than crushing the opposition and feeling the comradery of a true team victory. If you’ve made it to the end of these long winded soliloquies, I applaud you. I also implore you to feel free to add me on XBL and reply here so that we can get acquainted. Thank you for your time, and happy sweating :smiley:


I’m on rn fam.

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Ah, a man after my own heart! This is more my style and is good to see in these “recruitment” posts, none of this ”Just have fun!” jargon. To have fun is to win.

Unfortunately I no longer possess the free time I used to and it’s rather seldom that I’m online (let alone able to commit to a team) but you never know. Our paths may cross in time, lad. You may learn something that day.

Good luck.


Feel free to add. I play Control, mostly with randoms.

I’m a pretty solid and hate losing.

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I assume you’re from the US, as most English speakers here seem to be, so we’re not likely to be online at the same time a lot (at least for longer sessions) but I can leave a little advice here. You’ve gotten mechanical tips quite a bit probably already so I’ll focus on other stuff instead.

  1. Keep track of player deaths. That will be useful in any gametype. Instead of always running straight into the ring in Control, or pushing for triple cap in Escalation, slay out some enemies so you’ll have numbers advantage. That way you’ll most likely succeed in pushing and getting control of the objective, as well as set up defense. Pushing the objective all the time even when the entire enemy team is alive just results in useless deaths.

  2. Keep track of player movement around the map and always call out enemies. If someone on your team calls out 2 enemies at one location on the map in Control, for example, you’ll know that you have max 2 players in front of you etc.

  3. Keep track of power weapons as well as the objective.

  4. In Control, be ready to move and set up for the next ring. It’ll make your life so much easier lol. It’s usually good to start rotating towards the next ring when there’s about 20 seconds left in the current one. If your enemy needs less than 20 points, however, also make sure they won’t just sneak up into the ring once you start rotating. That is another situation where keeping track of player deaths and player movement pays off.

  5. Use Lancer as well as the Gnasher whenever it’s necessary. Team fights will be much easier for you when you have even 1 player crossing if your enemies always just rush straight into you through the open with their Gnashers out. It’ll also anger anyone who’s childish enough to still think using Lancer in any way is disgraceful and will mess up their game lol.

A lot of this comes through repetition, as you’ll also figure out different angles and such, and you may find yourself better at playing certain roles or locations. Especially in Escalation or Execution, where you have to plan ahead a bit and agree on where each of you push at the start of a round.

Oh, and never vote for Pahanu in any gametype lol. And never vote for Canals or Allfathers arena in Escalation. Trust me on this at least :laughing:

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@GB6_Kazuya Looking forward to the day my dude. I’ll add you and we’ll see about those crossing paths.

@X_Simian_X _ Simian_X Consider yourself added bro. I’ll be on all morning and evening today. I’ve got a little road trip I gotta take in the early afternoon (If things go as planned), but I’m down to play whenever.

@S_T_Y_R_A_N_K_l Much appreciated advice. A lot of that stuff I’ve picked up in previous Gears games and other comp shooters. The stuff specific to Gears 5 you’ve got in there is gonna be a big help to my mental game tho. Sadly, we probably won’t be on around the same time. I’m an early riser and I’m often in bed relatively early as well. Timezones won’t match up too well in that manner. Wish it was different though. You seem cool as hell.

Thanks for the replies boys. Hopefully we see some more tryhards come through here and I can get a 4 top to play comp at least somewhat consistently.


So they finally let you into ranked lol

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Same boat as @GB6_Kazuya

I’d love to but I don’t have the time (@TC_Clown knows this well). Good to see someone competitive pick the game back up, rather than rant about it and quit. Good luck out there fellow Gear!


I’m more of a “rangers lead the way” type of guy :smirk: