Calling All Coffee Lovers

Hi there, Gears fans!

My friends and I love our coffee, we drink it every day!

Now my question for the people on this forum is:
“How do you drink your coffee?”

I am always looking for other ways to drink my coffee so any suggestion would be great!

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I like my Coffee the way I like Swarm characters. Forgotten.

I have never been a fan of coffee but my daughter loves the stuff, she has got me started drinking the caramel coffee to get me hooked

As finely ground as possible and put in with melted dark chocolate

Coffee is life. This thread needs to join the Top section of these boards.

I like mine with a splash of milk and 1 piece of sugar.

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Being on the keto diet, some Blonde Roast Starbucks Coffee mixed with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk is really tasty to me, being away from sugar for so long basically just makes everything eventually taste sweet to me.

Love my coffee
Large Cap no sugar

Manually grinding slow-roasted organic Colombian beans every morning, black and strong as you’d like your woman to be.

My recommendation for your coffee would be to skip coffee and just drink tea. Cause tea is where its at.

Oh man, make your own thread. Tea is cool but you’re out of topic here. :coffee:

:joy: yeah I know.
But if I could give a recommendation for coffee I would suggest what my dad does and try different flavored coffee from different coffee shops. There are a ton of coffee shops in Pittsburgh my dad goes to and gets different kinds of flavored coffee. I dislike coffee, but I admit that stuff is surprisingly good.

Black with Heavy Cream…no sugar period

Caramel Coffee? What?! A whole other world opens for me.

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I drink around 3-6 cups per day and by cups I mean 20oz minimum. I only use Creamer and no sugar.

I typically use French Vanilla but I also like to mix it up from time to time with other flavors such as White Chocolate Raspberry.

Coffee, breakfast and fuel of champions since time began. :wink:

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So this is how I do my coffee now being Keto friendly.
1 tbs pure Irish butter
1 tbs coconut oil
4 tbs heavy cream
2 tbs flavored coffee oil

Mix and blend. It sounded weird when I read about it but turns out it’s delicious! I won’t be looking back!


Yes!! Me too man just I use Heavy Cream and MCT Oil only…Might have to try that Irish butter

not a fan of coffee ,have never drank a drop

Don’t drink it Luke I used to. I have 1 a day or 2 on a weekend.
I drink dou egbert’s ( gourmet sh%t as they say in pulp fiction ).
Used to drink loads but recently I get bad stomach cramps and dihorea if I drink too much.

Where as my wife prefers her caramel machiato Starbucks style in her verisimo coffee maker,Starbucks pods. Frothed milk with Starbucks caramel sauce on top ( not much longer though as were struggling to find it now ).

Good point, a drop.
There’s black coffee and there’s hot drink with a TASTE of coffee but tasting also on oils, butters, creams, sweeteners, sugars, milk, spices etc… if you ever change your mind, try the first one, just a drop then build an opinion :slight_smile:

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Coffee is okay… I wouldn’t say I need it, but I do drink it nearly every morning. Black only, ain’t got time for extra calories from cream and sugar.