Called Shot missing!

Anyone else having a problem getting called shot card for sniper?! I have almost every card to level 6 and have opened close to 800 packs of horde booster with no called shot present…

I have the same problem with Mortor Strike

So you’re fine, that card sucks!

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I’m not a fan of strikes anyway

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Play public 50 waves horde. For me those “new” cards dropped more often this way.

Anyone else find a way to get called shot show up if you have opened hundreds of packs… I’ll try the public thing but hate playing public.

Public seems to work. That’s how I got Magic Bullet

I feel ya, the called shot is a good card to have very effective and I was in the same boat as you forever but with the resupply for soldier and magic bullet for the sniper. Over time I finally got them both. Just keep buying operation packs and like mentioned above about doing standard horde helps for your chances

It’s not much help now, but if they bring back the feral packs, go for those. You’re guaranteed a rare or epic card.

The last time they were released, it was something like 75% rare to 25% epic (for me).

No I got all the Sniper cards early, which is perfect because I main Sniper.