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Cadence of New Maps per Operation

So back in Gears 4 the initial plan was to have 2 maps per month added to the game. This ended up being “too much for the studio to handle” and it’s the reason why at the tail end of the content stream they rehashed some maps to keep the promise of 2 maps a month.

Now that we know 6 maps every three months is too much for them I expect no less than 4 maps for OP2 and anything less will be met with profound disappointment.

anyone expect more? less?

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While I accept that recreating old maps from old games takes a bit of time and effort, it’s not the same as creating brand new maps, and from memory only about 2 post-launch DLC maps were totally new. Speyer, and… maybe another one…? I can’t remember. The rest were remakes of old maps or even current ones. Anyway, the point I’m making is I would say that the whole two maps per month commitment fell flat from the start, not just the tail end. :wink:

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Speyer, Dawn, Diner and… I’m pretty sure there’s some fourth new post launch map I just cannot remember the name of, and I have so far been unable to dig it up. Will look further later when I don’t have to be sleeping. But to my memory there have been four new post launch maps for Gears 4. Needless to say, I expect more from 5.

As for the number of maps, two or three. I’m keeping expectations limited in the map department so I don’t get disappointed by expecting too much. All I really want is for the maps to be Horde viable.

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I think all Versus maps are required to be Horde compatible. this is why Map Builder works for both Versus and Horde when it comes out.

the only exception was the 2v2 maps slapped together late in Gears 4.

EDIT: All Gears 4 maps for reference

Glory! Now I remember!

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2 maps per month was very ambitious. But now that they have 3 months in between seasons, I think expecting 3-4 is fair.

2 brand new and 1-2 returning classics.


Promising two maps per month was ridiculous. You can’t create a map with nice artwork AND playtest it to make sure it’s actually a good layout, once every two weeks. That’s madness.

I expect 2-3 new maps, along with potentially 1-2 remade maps from an older game.

I think expecting four new maps every Operation, is probably expecting too much.


Yeah 2 and 2 seems fair. Hopefully we even get that…

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I would expect 3 or 4 maps. Would prefer they all were never seen before, rather than ones that existed in Gears 1 to 4.

My own wild guess is we get 3 new maps, and 1 returning popular map from Gears 1-3.

We’ll see. It’ll probably be a good indicator for what to expect in Operation 3, 4 and so on.

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I think if the Map Builder is done properly and allows for some nice creativity it could offset the three month wait for maps to drop.

I hope we hear more about it soon but don’t expect it this year. maybe OP3 in March


Hell yeah , they could improve the map builder to have different settings , not just mine-hive one and select the best ones and put them into the rotation.
They could spare a lot of time.

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I am guessing 3 maps, 2 remakes and 1 new.

Should be new maps…but im guessing u may get one new…some gears 4 maps or such🙄

If this is a problem, hire some more bloody artists/programmers. I’m sure Phil and Bill can cover their wage. This is our flagship (with Halo and Forza) it should be backed to the hills.

I think with 6 we need to go back to a season pass, as in the Gears 3 model not 4. Release with 10 maps minumum and then a steady stream of stuff.

Gears 2…we were SO SPOILED

New Maps

New maps included in Gears of War 2 include the following:

Flashback Map Pack

Combustible Map Pack

Snowblind Map

Dark Corners

As well as the Campaign Chapter:

EDIT. I would have no problem buying 6 for say £50 and paying an extra £100 for the type of list above.



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Tc could only dream about putting something as good as 2 out :grinning:

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Na no more season passes. If the game launches with 10 maps then we can wait a little while for 6 more maps for the first drop and so on

What’s a little while? I fear that by the time we’ll see 6 more maps, well be close to a year into Gears5. Although the map pack/season pass model did divide the playerbase and we definitely wouldn’t want that with the low population count of this game,we did get a healthy flow of new maps at a timely manner imo.

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