C company bernie tour skin

Anyone else not able to select the C company bernie skin, ive unlocked it but I can’t set the skin to the charecture

I think she looks like Melissa Mcarthy.

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Might have to actually have the base character before you can use this. I am not 100% on that and for all I know and it could just be bugged for the time being.

No, you don’t need base character to play as her. Heh, reminds me, I never bought Base Tai. Hollow Storm Tai miles better.

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Burn the heretic!

Didn’t have that problem, I had a problem finding her in all the characters though…

If you just unlocked her but can’t select her then restart the game. It happens all the time.

No need. I played one game with young Bernie and it was more than enough to buy the real Bernie straight away.

She’s actually near the top, which is a bit weird.

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Even weirder is that Vrol is the first character in the Swarm list.

And he’s missing his effort grunts.