ByeBye cross lords 4vKing of the Hill!

Do it.

The 5man cross has got to go!

Bye bye cross lords.

Time to make king of the hill fun. Bring it back to its annex roots.

Why play 30-40 minutes just to set up & cross?

King of the hill desperately needs this. 4v4.

Most of these maps were designed for 4v4 anyway.


Yea I never liked the addition of a 5th in gears period, the game gels with 4, always has


If they do it they do it, if they don’t they don’t. I’ll definitely embrace it though. I do see the positives. Hell even in a 3v4 situation down a man seems more doable in certain situations.


I hope we get annex rules but due to map size, 5v5 needs to stay. TDM has now become a ghost town with the new changes.


Some spots do seem more vulnerable in TDM because a 4v4, I agree

Pahanu would like to have a word with you



On contrary I like pahanu because people despise it so much they don’t have a real game plan for it.

It is a long range mad mid wise but if you can get to the sides it’s not that bad.

I do hate that Markza though. So strong!

4v4 is the way gears should ALWAYS be.


All I see is complaints from people who can’t clutch up


Then clutch with 4 lol.

Ask anyone I’m no push over when it comes to pvp.

Lmao I’m just playing. I don’t really care about 5v5 getting booted because I play duos anyway so nothings really changing for me except maybe que times or something. TDM is dead rn can barely find a match


5 stacks are the only ones keeping the game alive …
It encourages you to find players to generate your own 5 stack if you want to win.
Playing solo you know the risks eg playing against 4 or 5 stacks .
King of hill is probably best part of gears 5 multiplayer and should be promoted into esports and to new comers . Fast , skill full and strategic.

Those are pretty biased statements.

To me crossing isn’t skillful.

4v4 would definitely help.

Skill will be more prevalent instead of lancering.

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Every game mode should be 4v4

Bruh you must be a bronze 2

You wanna go with that?

You’d be surprised just because someone doesn’t agree with you that makes them a “bronze 2”…

I assure you I out rank you by far… no cap…

PvP wise…

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4v4 feels right because the maps are so claustrophobic right now. You get flanked way too easily, you get crossed way too easily, etc. If the maps were larger and better designed it wouldn’t be so bad. The issue is that it’s difficult to design larger maps well. You get maps like Pahanu when this goes wrong.

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Calling you a bronze 2 because you can’t cross .and you’re getting you’re ■■■ whooped in gnasher fights because there’s no magnetism now
Setting up on a map and thinking smart is a skill it’s how players are winning in stacks and getting high in ranks .

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KOTH needs executions rules. Can’t get killed by a 5 man cross if they can’t execute you lol

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TDM matches feel so boring now. It’s more quiet and slow paste. idk I missed the 5th lol or at least run parties if 4 instead of 2

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