By the 3 month mark in gears 4 we already have 16 maps wtf

Gears 4 launched with 10 maps then added 2 maps every month. 3 months after gears 4 was out it had 16 maps in the game witch was awesome and not repetitive. Gears 5 launched with 7 maps and we aren’t getting some every month we have to wait 3 months and god knows how many they will give us maybe 2. So after 3 months after gears 5 the game maybe only have 9 maps. Not cool I really think you should reconsider how often you release new maps. Maybe atleast every 2 months or something.

While yes at that point Gears 4 did have more maps but most maps were just remakes. Everyone was complaining about it. 2 maps a month was just to much for TC and that why we got mostly remake.

I find it very funny that people are saying how stale the maps are getting but people would vote for the same maps over and over again in Gears 4 like Checkout, Clocktower, and Blooddrive

My top 3 right there^


Also we must not forget
Gridlock 2025 5.0 remaster HD edition

Old maps>new maps

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