Buying characters but not being able to use them

In the store you can buy new characters, such as Armored Sam, but then they don’t show up in the available characters you can play with in Horde or Versus, etc.

Does anyone know why this is or if it’s a glitch?

… have you tried turning it off and on again?

Restart your console? Sometimes your customisation menu doesn’t update immediately.

As for Horde, some characters aren’t playable in Horde and Escape - they’re Versus only.

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If nothing seems to work, or the answers above don’t apply,

Then submit a ticket:

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Whenever you buy a skin, or expression, or execution from the Store, you won’t be able to use it until you’ve quit the game… on Xbox, go back to dashboard then press the 3-line button (aka the old Start button) when on the Gears 5 tile, then go down to quit. Once you’ve done that, reload the game and hey presto, you can now use your newly-purchased content.
This ‘glitch’ has been in the game since launch.

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All you have to do to prevent that is press X after your purchase and you can use your skin or whatever right away.

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This was discussed on the latest stream, think they said that the servers haven’t received the information that u bought the skin and only way to fix it is to reload the game.

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Hmm. I’ll check. My teammate bought a new character 1-2 weeks ago and still hasn’t seen the character in her list. We’ll try this and the other suggestions and see what happens.

Thank you and thanks everyone else.

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If it was 2 weeks ago then they should send a support ticket. Good luck👍

Edit: I personally have never experienced this with skins although i never spend iron on skins only coins, this does happens when u buy iron, meaning its best to close the game, sign out and back in and reload game so it shows the irons been added.

Yeah good luck with that

Equipping the item on the purchase screen usually does work. :smirk:

I’ve noticed that you can often just go and play another match after unlocking something and it will be available after that match ends and the server refreshes.

Apparently a lot of ppl need visual aid so here it is

You can’t use OP4 characters on horde until the next operation