Buy link for Gears Judgement broken on Xbox Store

Every single other Gears game is working for digital purchase except Judgement! The link is giving off a 404 page not found. I just want to buy this game, please take my money!

Find a GameStop or something. Judgement is not worth big $.

It’s not broken it’s working as intended. Microsoft don’t want ppl to suffer XD

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By any chance have you tried to buy it in the 360 store or in You just need to sign in your micorsoft account for this one.

$4.99 lol

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Bet you could find it for less.

All this hate and mockery of J :wink: It did do many things wrong BUT it is not anywhere near as poor as Gearheads love to say.

Doesn’t it come free with Gears 5?

I think it is the one omission. It came with Gears 4

Your right. I was confusing it with 4.

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