Buy gow5 when gow 4 for PC is not fixed?

Gears of war 4 for PC still crashing and have a lot of problems, those problems have more than a years with no fixes and you say you are working to solve it but nothing happen yet. And you guys will wait for PC users for buying the new gears of war 5 while we know about those problems with gow4? How much time it will take to make us change our decition about buying gow5. Guys fix it if you don’t wanna lose PC community


They have already said they are working Nvidia on a fix, which should be available soon.

The crashes are frustrating especially with how long it has been going on for now, however, Gears 5 will be included with game pass for which I have a subscription so I will be playing it anyway!

they said that i know, but it has more than a year

Maybe it’s not completely up to them?

They said they are working with Nvidia so depends on how much time and effort Nvidia want to put into fixing this issue.

And they said they need to be careful not to chase any issues and are testing extensively.

We completely understand the frustration. We’re very proud on the work we did for Gears 4 PC and this is not a situation we are in any way okay with.

We’ve been working with Nvidia on what has proved to be an extremely complex issue since the day this emerged. Both teams have been really pushing to identify the core issue and come up with a fix for our fans over many months.

Nvidia had some promising developments in recent months which are now in testing and we’re hopeful we’ll have some good news to share in the near term.

Thank you for the update.

Any official word about the Alt+TAB disconnection too?

Do you have more details about this? As complex as it can be, more than a year to fix it is a little too long.

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I would also love an update on this.