Buttom Customization PLEASE

Button customization should be a compulsory feature in gaming now days, especially in a game where movement is so important,this would increase the skill gap a lot, less miss rolling in the high level lobbies, and no accidentally mantling, allow us to maximize our flexibility and imaginations with our button layouts, surely that’s better than a community that uses one control scheme as it’s the more dominant one like in 4


Buy and Elite Controller?



Ew no wtf? i use my dance dance revolution pad and sometimes my guitar hero guitar. This game is to easy.


Saying as tc still cant get tournament alt, or alt controls correct when on cover. It wont matter if they add custom controls. There will still be two buttons to roll off cover and one button when off cover. Get ur stuff together tc. I dont want the A button to be a roll option. Why i switched controls. -_-# (cause defualt is unplayable, its total trash. Unless its gow 1 n i am wall sliding but i can do that on alt controls also)