Buster's Petty Reused Skins 2: Electric Danaloo

The new What’s Up! is --up. And now we’ve got a reveal of the Halloween skins. Three of which were around last year (Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Lantern Jack was last year, at least the weapon set was). The unlockable is a Zombie version of an unpopular skin for a character the community has been requesting new skins for.

Hollow Raam looks neat but I’d rather have some Swarm get some cool skins, not a fourth skin for Raam, because he’s basically the Locust Baird at this point.

Gotta say, all the ■■■■ going TC’s way, is well deserved. Someone said to reuse the Gears 4 DOTD skins. And honestly, I’d rather have my spooky JD rather than Zombie Lizzie or the same crappy Kait skin from last year.

It’s a small and pointless, petty issue I have with this announcement.

But if Gears 5 is anything, a large collection of small, petty seemingly worthless issues is it. A pile of nothingness that just leads to a collective sigh and quick turnaround as right before I boot the game up, I notice that the Halloween update for Warzone is really neat and DEUM Eternal has good music so I relent.


You would think TC would give their creation (Swarm) more love instead of milking fan favorites from previous locust.

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That doesn’t matter more than the :moneybag: to them, or at least it was like that at the time, as is obvious when Baird got half of the Store skins in Op 2 to himself while some characters got no skins or only two terrible ones(Jermad, got none and only a CS way down the line, Lizzie as we know only got the two horrible ones and the “new not so new” skin this week is nothing worthy if mention either).

Like, what excuse is there for no characters other than the ‘main’ cast to get Winter Armor skins? It certainly isn’t skin production because TC is still keeping up a weekly cadence in the Store while the Tour had basically nothing other than coins in it, minus the two or three weapon skin sets, Desert Armor Marcus(unless that was a Tour 3 skin) and UIR Cosmonaut so there was certainly not that much work spent on creating models there.

Then again, Carmines are clearly nothing more than a terrible “joke” to them so why would I expect them to care about even the ones they created themselves. They kill them off at the first occasion when there is better things to do with the character.


I agree with this reply 100% until the last paragraph.

You can tell me all about it but when Dana says “She’s a Carmine” when people ask why Lizzie died in the story on a lore stream, that tells me more than enough especially when the Campaign director just sits there saying nothing.

But I’m not here to derail the thread because we’re technically complaining about the skins or lack of new(mostly).

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