Buster McTunder's Wallpapers (For You!)

So as a smaller electronic creator I’ve become quite used to some image-editing software. With this I’ve made countless Gears “Wallpapers,” and I figured I’d share them here. I’m not exactly sure how downloading them will work if you want to, but I’ll be posting them below and if they can’t be downloaded–I’ll need help on making that possible.

Anyways, here we go…

In order:
“Gears 2 - Pain”
“Gears 2 - Hope”
“Gears 3 - Remember the Horde”
“Gears 3 - Remember the Horde Colored”
“Gears 3 - The End”
“Gears 3 - Brothers Till the End”
“Gears Judgement”
“Gears - Brothers in Blood” (Made for my Gears Novel)

I hope you enjoy! I originally made these for myself, for my PC and Laptop, but figured why not share something constructive instead of another Gears 5 Rant.

#Buster Out!


Very impressive, Buster


Thank you ma’am.

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Well done, I particularly like the “Remember the Horde” ones.

For the Queen!

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I am planning on going some more. Especially Locust related, and I’ve even got more Judgement ones…just didn’t post them all because I don’t wanna be crucified.

But I’ll update the title whenever I add new ones.

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