Burnt out on gears 4

I read this thread yesterday and he admitted to using an aimbot. But now the last few comments in the thread (including that one) have disappeared.

Was he seriously using aimbot? Why has he not been banned!?

*not yet


Aha, you might get lucky and TC & Microsoft might hardware ban you, have fun with that :grimacing::v:

Like I said,

You might get lucky,

He just said “we’ve done a bunch of that before” - meaning they have hardware banned and can/will do it again.

Most likely for people who keep on making multiple accounts to cheat with.

It’s well within Microsoft’s ability to do this.

I’ve been playing ACOdyssey for the past two months and am enjoying every second of it, I do play Gears couple times a week but mostly get met with disappointment, either from quitters, connections or bad RNG in packs (can’t believe they didn’t improve odds even now, 2 years later, it takes a cold heart to squeeze the ones that support you till the end, but TC is proudly doing it).

I’d say maybe check for some other games you might like and give Gears a break, it helps a lot, I played Gears 3 so much until I got disgusted by it to the point I never want to install it again, memories are enough, so I’m trying to avoid that with Gears 4 but RNG is the devil, not sure how much patience I have left in me for their shenanigans tbh

Well that is ok, and it actually makes sense, the game has been out for awhile now and with gears 5 coming soon you wont be burnt out for too much longer!

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Yeah… If Jose_De_Juan is using aimbot then he deserves a hardware ban.

And if he admitted it on here, there is absolutely no excuse for TC/Microsoft not to give it to him.

And, honestly, the arrogance he’s displaying in response to the whole thing only makes him deserve it more.

Buddy if you’re just NOW getting burnt out then yeah I would say you’re the only one. Otherwise take a number :stuck_out_tongue:

I took a long break from this game. Only so many quit penalties and bullet sponges a man can take. Hopefully Gears 5 brings everyone back.

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If you (as in anyone) are feeling burnt out, mix up the modes you play. I’m going to be playing Escalation a fair bit this season after ignoring it last season.

Also if after 2 games of Hill, I’m or the game is not feeling “right” I load up Gears 3 and play that all night instead . :+1:


Hahahah! I think we all know that at this point😂

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