Burnt out on gears 4

Just curious but am I the only one who has sort’ve burnt out on Gears 4? I end up playing but it’s like I’ve got no desire to play or improve, I hit Diamond multiple times in older seasons but recently I have no hype or drive, it’s just bleh.


Probably yes. I’m definitely playing far more of Gears 3, than 4.
I just seem to get wound up on 4 so much more. Probably due to the quitting, afkers, ping issues etc.
Luckily with 3 being so old now, you mainly get us diehards that are all gold wings, so not trying to prove anything or get anything other than seriously I suppose.
Just makes for a far more enjoyable game to me… and it is a lot better in many ways :slight_smile:


Make your peace with a finite game.

Oh damn, there’s another

It’s hard to find “friends” online playing it, and too many quitters and afk to play with randoms…

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Yeah, this seems to be the feeling of a lot of people. The most outspoken of which being @T0NY_HAYABUSA.
And just recently, the guys that I usually squad up with (took me almost a year to find a team) quit Gears altogether.

I don’t play it much since other games came out. But I come onto inconceivable horde, every now and then.

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I’ve never been able to find a good Incon game. People are just so serious there. I pretty much just stick with Insane

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It’s just a game. Play it when you enjoy it. Set it down when you don’t. The people who DON’T get burnt out on it (especially if they’ve been playing the franchise for years) kinda creep me out. Taking a break is healthy.


I get burnt out when matchmaking for over 2 hours and no games :+1:


I play Gears 4 almost every day with friends. Sometimes I have around 20-25 friends of my friend list playing Gears. It is easy to stack up then.

I just love Gears 4. I am excited for the new season tomorrow, so I can grind for that diamond 5 again.

I only play Koth, which is by far the best gamemode. Oh and I am playing 2v2 sometimes. Definitely gonna play that alot in the new season when Foundation Mid will be in the game.

Since Apex Legends is out, less friends are playing Gears. But still sometimes over 10


Yeah I get you. Gears is still a pretty freaking fantastic game, even though I like to bash it😂
It is literally the only game I play.


Yup… same here…

I think we all have periods where we feel burnt out. For me at least Gears is the only franchise where I might feel burnt out for a few days or even a week but that desire always comes back. Gears has a sticking power with me that always makes me want to come back.

My recommendation is to take a week off or so and see if your fire comes back.


That’s a big reason why I only really play on the weekends. I find that if I go all week without playing it, I enjoy it a lot more come Friday night😁


Yeah, I love playing Gears. Maybe it’s a kind of comforting nostalgia, but I just feel happy playing multiplayer with music on, casually murdering dudes up and down the map. I almost play on auto-pilot, in a haze of contentment.

But certain aspects tilt me, like selfish teammates, toxic enemies, and teammates who (I’m not kidding) spend the game (Ranked matches) practicing wall-bouncing in empty hallways instead of helping.

And the longer time goes on, the more this becomes the majority of the game, sadly. I still play and still have fun; when I’m in any kind of a mood, Gears is sort of my therapy. But I feel that’s coming to an end with Gears 4 now.

Hopefully Gears 5, with an influx of fresh players, will revive it enough to keep me playing.

It is way more fun to stack up with friends and completely demolish the other players.

Way more fun than playing solo

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That explains the aimbot from last night. You’re a classy fella.

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I only started playing when gow3 was released and I’ll say it’s much more fun than playing 5 really sweaty gotta get that diamond lancer spraying lagging tryhards. I really hope Gears 5 does away with ranked or at least make another play list so I can play my koth and tdm without having to spend 30 minutes where everyone is so worried about their ranks no one moves the whole match.