Bunny hunt not letting me play!

I am not able to play, no matter how many attempts. I see the map icon, I see the list of names of players joining, then I’m immediately booted off back to the main menu with this message;

You have been removed from the game.

I’m playing on an Xbox One X , I was hoping to get some help here. I have already restarted my Xbox and deleted and reinstalled Gears 5 but without any success. I thought this was a minor issue at the beginning of the event and that it will be resolved in time ,but my friend with Xbox series x has already completed this event and got the bonus skin, and the event is nearly at its end.

Please I need help to solve this issue.

Pretty sure someone else had the same issue. No response from TC yet ( and I honestly wouldn’t expect one).

@TC_Shauny @TC_Sera


Nope. Future content.

More like “Gone in the future-content”.

The first rule of future content: we don’t talk about future content.

Thanks, I think I found a solution. I was getting so frustrated when I’m in a squad , then I got booted off to the main menu because of this fault. The real kicker is that I couldn’t rejoin the squad even though there was an open slot during the bunny hunt event.

My friend tolded me to check your characters and see if I can put any new skins and If I get a message, saying I can’t because the game is not fully installed, then go to options, and select- install manager at the bottom of the menu. From here I could install full customisation and multiplayers and even uninstall campaign saving on the hard drive.

Working now!

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Hey @hero4hireoo7, when you mention installed Gears 5 did you also install all the “chunks” via the Install Manager? This is stuff like customizations, etc.

If you have let me know and I can try and ask what’s going on there.

EDIT: Seems like that did work, apologies for not checking your last reply!