Bunny Hunt is not snipers only!

What is the point of having a ‘snipers only’ game mode and then include the claw and talon not to mention people are just mobbing people with melee.

In one of the matches, I got a superman kill on their leader, only to get swarmed by the survivors and killed by their B button mashing skills.

I didn’t know that the game transistioned from a shooter to trying to become the next big game at the EVO tournament.


One shot one melee is back!


Even the Bots are doing it now! :open_mouth:


There’s EMBAR too but I didn’t see any Claw or on which map. There was Incendiary on Dam.

This game mode is an absolute disease. Worse than Arms Race. Why couldn’t they have applied OSOK rules with no melee? Jesus wept.

They did it specifically to troll you.

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What’s wrong with Arms Race?