Bunny Hunt GoW4

Hi all.

This may fall flat on its face, but hey.

Can we get bunny hunt in Gears of War 4, then maybe a rolling monthly event instead of luck of the draw that has been the special event since the launch of Gears 5.

I would be happy if it alternated OSOK with no melee, golden gun no melee, and Gnasher only KotH.

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hi man @Gnash_on_This

TC won’t add any more events into Gears of War 4 due of the following reasons:

  1. they want you to play Gears 5, its a long shot but they want that hahahahaha.

  2. the game has reached its life cycle, they won’t update it anymore, again they want you to play Gears 5.




It would be nice of them to pay attention to the last game in the Gears of War series.


Hi @D_A_N_III_3_L

I Would rather keep on playing the purposely damaged Gears of War 4 with 8 bots and 1 human then play Gears 5, less lancer cross fire, less BS and way more enjoyable.

I thought it would be worth a shot - thanks for the input guys


I have played some koth on 4 over the last week or so and it is rather depressing. A good deal of the time the lag and sponge is worse than on Gears 3 at its worse.and that is going some.

I’m on the same round my friend @Gnash_on_This

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There are tons of people still playing Gears of War 4, mostly TDM and KOTH (and i think 2v2 mode as well). If you’re on the fence on 5 or just don’t like it (like myself) and need that ole time gears feelin/craze, feel free to drop by on 4.


yup that’s the way to go my friend exactly right :slight_smile:

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Not so sure boys. Played 4 games of KOTH 4 last night around 21:00 UK and the connection was awful on 3 games, I was around 150 ping with other players anywhere from 60-500.
As you can imagine the games were awful, sponging, glitches and just not great.
Gears 4 should run like butter.

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Thank for giving Gears of War 4 a go.
You are right this game should run like butter but a month or so after the release of Gears 5 the dedicated UK servers we shut down and and game that was running well developed a number of bugs and glitches.

Presonnaly I think the feel and game play of GoW4 is better, we are side tracking here and these issues are bought up on a large number of threads on the forum.

I do think we, the ones still playing GoW 4 should get a different special event that changes monthly.

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hell yeah that would be tight