Bunny Hunt Cosmetic was way too grindy

Maybe its just that ive been really busy the last week and havent been able to play as much as I usually do, but I felt that the requirements needed to earn the Rabid Grenadier were a little excessive considering the game mode. I mean we ate talking about a 5 man team…not a ffa scenario or tdm. The 10 matches was very reasonable. But the 50 elims and 5 kills as Guardian leader…too excessive. The guardian leader kills meant you had to be the one to eliminate the team leader often to become team.leader, or get lucky enough to get leader upon start of the match. And then get a kill or two before your head got popped. I understand they want people to play. But in a mode where ive had lots of bots using aim bot, it just hasnt been fun. I finally decided it wasnt worth the time as I wasnt enjoying earning it. Which this is the first event cosmetic in 5 im passing on.


It was EZ get gud

But the requirements are not that bad, you have to put a little time in oh no!!


@grey_mineman there it is…just what I wanted to hear… i also said it was bc I didnt have as much time to play as I usually do.

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The requirements are really not that bad man, do you expect everything to be handed to you in a nice and easy fashion? And for your time situation, I’m sorry to hear that but in all honesty its not that hard to unlock.
If it makes you feel any better, I without a doubt know that the rabbit will return next year around Easter for like 2k coins.


honestly i think these requirements were some of the easiest we’ve gotten.

I don’t sit in spawn and even as the leader I pushed and killed their leader sometimes, I’ve always been good with snipe & I got it within 2 days lol

Eventually you’ll be able to purchase it

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They are lol, but honestly it’s not like you’re missing out on a “classic baird” or a “hivebuster clayton”. Its a seasonal skin that will return next year if you can’t get it.

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These types of skins I’m fine with returning, the skins you could buy or new characters available for purchase with real money shouldn’t come back for free ( with coins or iron of course)
That to me is unfair for the ones who used real money

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I got it quite easily and I’m not Eve that good. Ended up in a game of mainly bots and for 3 in a row was only human on my team so was always the leader. That helped. Probably did it in about 7-8 matches

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I swear bots headshot me from like mid map, i report them for cheating all the time

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I get the aggravation towards Git Gud… but I only play gears 5 maybe twice a week, and PvE at that. if I was trying I’d say I would probably be high-gold, low Onyx at the very best.

It was a teeny bit grindy, as far as it took more than one game. but I easily completed all the objectives in a day. A week is much long enough.

Lol this. Got mine done in four matches with the leader medal being done on game #1

This isnt exactly a tough skin to get. Its in quickplay so naturally theres going to be lots of lower ranked players, and its filled to the brim with dead brain AI who just stand there, waiting for their heads to be sniped. Plus I’m 99% sure it’s going on for two weeks, so it gives everyone far more time than they need


It’s always something with these challenges lol.

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You have another week to do it, if no other way stay in a match until everybody else leaves and then get the kills, but requirements shouldn’t be any easier than this, average player completed tasks in 2 days.

It has to be a challenge after all, even though I know a lot of ppl unlocked it day 1 (I did too) as I ran into players using character every other game. Just keep at it, you’ll get it I promise you.


I wouldnt say it was “grindy”, but I can see why the “5 kills as leader” medal can be really frustrating because you have to become leader, and then you have to actually get 5 kills. Sometimes it’s rough just becoming leader in the first place! But at least it’s backfilled by Bots.

I got the kill requirements in 2 games. This isn’t even close to a grind. The medals in Operation 1 were an actual grind.

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No it was definitely easy, I’ve been working a lot lately and I still had time to get it.

Too grindy? No. Kinda annoying? Yes.

I think if I can do it anyone can. I unlocked it on day one. Wasn’t even aware until the card showed up after the match summary. Anyone here think maybe it was lesser than 50 elims and 5 kills as guardian on day one?

5 kills as the leader is too grindy?

Now that was grindy lol. The amount of Guardian matches I had to play to get that was unbelievable. 5 kills is nothing compared to that lol.

I do wish leader would cycle through the players instead of whoever kills the leader.


What TC needs to do is stop doing medals tied to kills as leader. Kill the leader? Sure. 100 kills in guardian? Sure.

Kills as the leader promotes people disliking the mode even further for those not particularly pvp savvy.

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Or maybe you have to play pvp to get that specific medal? I dont think everything should be accessible by playing only pvp and vice versa with pve. Some medals are pvp based and others are pve based.