Bummed about the TOD (Tour of Duty) system

Really annoyed I won’t be able to get the gnasher within the 7 days I was given. Challenges are really spaced out.
Some of the challenges are meant for more than a 7 day period to complete. Like mastering 10 Hives. Yea, I’m going to master a hive when I for 1. Can barely find anyone in a Inconceivable, let alone a Master. 2. Randoms on Master? Yea, you’re funny. People running out in the open like horde AI.

I just really want the Team Rock gnasher. Sadly, I have 5 days to get 33 TOD ranks. When in 2 days, I’ve only got 9.
It may seem possible, but TC thought it would be an AMAZING idea to increase the amount of stars each for each new rank. It started with only needing to get 5 stars, now I need 8. Soon it’ll increase again. So, basically, even if I grinded my heart out, it doesn’t matter. Something needs to be changed. Like, maybe 2-4 week operations?

No clue. Just sad I’ll miss this camo because I’m sure it’s going to be launch exclusive camo, and will not come back. I love this game even though people are absolutely ripping at it, but they’ve done some really dumb things.

EDIT: I see people are saying the in-game timer the bugged, and not correct. This post can be closed. Thanks!

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