Bullets not work (or is it just me)?

Ohhhhh, now I understand the huge disappointment here on the forums. After finishing the campaign, then moving on to MP, I get it. I now feel your pain.

I get the frustration and (highly justified) negativity 'round here. Starting with the gameplay. It seems like Gears 4 had better connectivity as far as shots go. Maybe it’s already been expressed. I don’t know. We have dedicated servers right? Are they good? Because sometimes it’s hard to tell.

The maps are just okay. I feel like they could be much more creative and dynamic. They just feels like a step back from 4 and waaay back from Gears 2 and 3.

The speed is okay. I actually like the Killcam, and customizations.

I’m late to the party, but these are my observations so far. Sorry to hear about Rod leaving. I hope TC does hire Cliffy B., because this is my favorite franchise still. Gears 5 is not terrible, but there are some inconsistencies and disappointments for sure.

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Gears 5 needs more cowbell


Welcome to the club

I don’t feel like the connections were any better in the previous games. They sucked too. It’s a weak point for the franchise. Part of it is understandable in that TTK in Gears is incredibly low with gibs being so common, and most confrontations are very close-quarters, so you will notice inconsistencies more than you would in a shooter where you shoot a dozen rifle bullets from mid-range.

The best thing you can do is play around it. Whereas previous gears games favored the aggressor, 5 is tuned so that the defensive player has the advantage most of the time because movement is slower and somewhat prohibitive. Try to get first shot and if they are stepping into gib-range, move back and take follow-up shots.