Bullet spongers and ranking point inconsistencies

Has there been some sort of update this week that has ruined the gnashed? These past 4 days have been horrendous for bullet sponging!! Point blanking opponents twice, only for them to turn round and one shot me, to be told I done 56% damage? When I start playing it’s fine, however, the more games I play, the worse it becomes, leading me to become a liability to my teammates and I have to switch the Xbox off. I have great internet with a cat 7 cable that someone on here recommend a while back, so there’s no reason for it to be happening.

How can the ranking system STILL be broken??? Be on a winning side 2-0 after playing well, gain 170 points. Be on a losing side 2-1 after playing well, lose 880 points. Makes absolutely no sense :man_shrugging:t2:

This whole “bullet sponge” thing that happened might be an accuracy update as i was baffled by why aiming was inferior before the update.

But now aiming the gnasher seems to be superior again ever since the update.

The ranked stuff depends on how well you play and what your KD/A is, i was silver 1 and doing 7 kills & 6 deaths which got me up by 4% instead of going down after losing.

There might be an increase in what each rank expectation has, cause dropping from 800 sounds like dropping from a higher tier than silver.

You should use CAT 8. But I don’t know how helpful it will be with this game.