Bullet Magnetism?

How is it that people always have stronger bullet magnetism than me when I play online lol.


The killcam isn’t always accurate.

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Lol that’s why I posted the first photo that wasn’t a killcam.

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It isn’t that the killcam isn’t accurate — it’s that your entire screen isn’t accurate.

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What do you mean though

Nothing you seen on your screen is accurate.

Like the positioning is diff for every person? Kinda vague here.

You can’t take screenshots of your own gameplay, and then conclude that the placement of enemy tracers with respect your own character is what the opponent was seeing when they shot. Your opponent sees you in the past with respect to what you see on your end. The embar tracer, while in the correct place, you do not see it at the time the opponent fired, but at a later time. (Their ping + your ping + tickrate delay).

The opponent sees you even further in the past than you see their tracers (or they see your tracers).
The game has additional delay in the representation of position of enemy hitboxes on your client.
(your ping + their ping + tickrate delay + movement interpolation delay + whatever extra delay the game has as a feature)

Movement interpolation allows your computer to display enemy positions on rendered frames in between the reception of 2 server updates. (Without interpolation you would see enemies move stuttery at the server tickrate). The downside of interpolation is that the repesentation of enemy positions are delayed by an additional tick period.

Tickrate delay is variable. The server processes actions you take not immediately, but waits until the next simulation tick. You can get lucky sometimes and it is 0, or you can get unlucky and it is whole tick period. On average it is half a tick period.

All in all, you’re playing a game on the internet, it is simply impossible to have different players see the positions of other players in exactly the same place.

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I see.

Gears of War 4 and Gears 5 have some of the most over the top lag compensation in gaming today. Battle Nonsense has a good video detailing Gears 4, and 5 is basically just a higher tickrate version. In laggy situations, the server can register hits that neither player saw connect on their screens. It’s wild.