Bullet magnetism

So I played some OSOK today and it made me realise I don’t want to play VS ever. It’s not that I score badly or anything. However getting headshot behind pillars/walls, or watching killcams and seeing the cursor nowhere near my head killing me is extremely frustrating. It feels like I’m playing against cheaters.

I understand console players need some aim assist but this is just extreme. The cursor is not on my body or its on my legs/belly and it still headshots me. It’s extremely noticable when I’m wallbouncing or rolling and on killcam you see yourself get killed when you’re already in cover. In about 40-50 deaths, the amount of times I’ve been killed and think “That was a good headshot” can be count on one hand. Is there a mode where this happens less frequently? Maybe where I only play vs other PC players or perhaps in ranked?

@reckosz I ts not that. The kill cam is a composite of your screen and the other players. Its correct…but incorrect. …because of lag comp. Lag comp lets a player play whats on their screen. So, if your ping is really low(fast connection) and the other player is latent to you(slower speeds)…you may be sliding into and behind cover. But on there screen that info hasnt reached them and been processed yet. So they shoot and kill you out in the open. While on your screen you had taken cover. Its the same with shooting angles. Kill cam shows them pointing in an inaccurate direction
.based on what you were seeing. .its just because.of 2 players being in 2 different times and spaces. Its annoying af. I had to turn my kill cam off.

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Kill cam isn’t accurate. Been stated since the beginning by TC.


Maybe that’s even worse then. It’s been a while since I’ve played a game where the disparity between what I see on my screen and what happens on theirs is that large. Getting headshot before even seeing them peek for example. Is that just the GoW pvp experience? If so, I probably avoid the headache and don’t get into it. There are way less frustrating shooters then.

Sadly, yes that’s pretty much gears…

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Okay, thanks for the info. It’s not worth it for me then. Just out of curiousity, is that also the current day console experience or is gears an exception?

Just my opinion. I think they cater to South of the border player’s with there crappy internet. Hugh fan base down there. For some reason, most instances the better your connection the more you get punished. I just don’t understand with the physical size of Mexico and the player base they don’t have there own server’s

I turned my kill cam off sometime after launch when TC first acknowledge that it is inaccurate.

Kill cam isn’t accurate. They are just playing better than you or lagging.

Just disable the kill cam.


Ah, I see. I’m in Europe though and my ping is usually <20. That might explain things a bit. I have to say that’s a real pity. Imagining Gears with CS:GO 128 tick or even 64 tick dedicated servers would completely change the gameplay experience.


@reckosz lol…gears has Azure servers…very high tic rates. Its the lag comp software. Gears is the only shooter ive ever played where you are punished for really low ping. Ideal ping seems to be between 40 and 50. Lag comp us very very generous. As @xxxGAUNTLETxxx has already stated … for whatever reason, Mexicans love Gears of War…disproportionate to the rest of the world. Its mind boggling they dont have a dedicated server.of their own. With the myriad of players there playing on their neighbors wifi…it throws everything out of whack. Dude with ,130 ms ping winds up MVP. Dude with 3 second ping cones in last. Makes total sense.

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Faulty killcams aren’t responsible for players getting headshots while not actually shooting the head, though.

I invite anyone here to switch off Aim Assist in the options menu and you’ll realize just how BS the precision weapons are in this game. With it on you can shoot a dude’s neck, clavilic, hell even the air around his head yet still get a headshot.

It never used to be this strong in previous games, and it blows my mind it’s allowed in ranked.

I been playing with aim assist off since they added the option. Single stick on aim assist off. I’ll rather give up some accuracy with Lancer than have my Gnasher center pull when I have multiple opponents in CQC(koth)

Today has been worse than most other days. Check my feed. One match literally everyone pinged above 300ms.

It was crazy. Even when pings looked normal, I was still already back behind cover and ate a sandwich before my head popped.

I did ok a few matches, but when I did I also felt like I was getting shots I can’t normally make.

Haven’t been on today. Hopefully it’s not as bad on West coast. Sound’s like the BS I went through a couple weeks ago.

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what i like is head shouts through smoke Really?

I’ll recommend checking out this video, explaining how the matchmaking system for Gears is constructed.

Summarizing some of it (video much more in-depth {recommended}) :

  • Gears 5 and Halo 5 are ran by the TrueMatch matchmaking system
  • Microsoft Research developed this model
  • It replaces the old conventional matchmaking model
  • Algorithmic intricacies compiles information automatically opposed to conventional old method of manually
  • Skill gap (old model) Skill percentile (new model)
  • Player-based peak time is a MAJOR component; the nucleus of this all!
  • Probability is another big key role in determining player-base placement
  • Inconsistencies occur from many factors: wait time, latency, probability, population (just to name some)
  • System analyzes data after matches to determine if picking-adjustments were satisfactory.

…many more factors discussed.

Man bro S*** WAS AWFUL ALL DAY AND NIGHT FOR ME AWFUL! It was so bad I thought left stick on my controller was broken. Everything coming around cover seems like I had to restart my run again 1 to 2 second delay.