Bullet damages and hit box

Personally i think the coalition had it right when the game first came out. They updated the game to where is no fun. We got people eating bullets with the shotgun to their face. Very unfair. And the Whole trade. really unfair too. Whoever shot first should get the kill. But coalition please get the damage box right. Theres no reason i shotgun someones back and they dont die. Reconfigure the pellets or the hit box.


Yeah, trades happen way to often and are cheap.

Very unfair. Also them giving new players the handicap. slowin wall bouncin and other movements. Everyone could get nice. it just takes practice i understand them wantin a bigger comunity but gear veterans have been here. We enjoy the bouncin. People are simply bot walkin and shootin u down is insane.

Yeah, all the delays and stopping Up+A and stuff.

Needs to go back to basics, no help for Noobs.

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@the-coalition Please Take a look at the forums. and yes noobs could get better practice makes perfect!

Maybe they will do next time :+1: