Build a PVE Character Work Shop

If you could mix and match score cards. Which ones would you pick?

Practice Every Day, Would work really well with Fahz

Let’s see yours.

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For Fahz - Explosive Critical Hit and Shredder/Razor Hail (plus the usual sniper damage buff cards like Exploit Weakness and Ambush). This would be the ultimate crowd control! Pop one head and entire crowds will bleed out.

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I’d give Fahz Paduk’s magic bullet.
I’d give Paduk Lizzie’s aggressive armor so he could rely on stim for his armored shot
I’d give JD Keegan’s Shredder so he could have the same amount of bleed that he used to :laughing:
And I’ve give Jack Cole’s torch tackle + all the glory so he could fly over walls and blow things up :laughing::laughing:

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I have little knowledge of PvE to provide a decent feedback but the idea is great. Since characters and “classes” will be detached from each other, having the option to “build your own custom class” would be a great addition, something simple like 1 gold, 1 epic, and blue or green skills for the rest.