Bugs in ranked PvP

This topic houses some legitimate bugs which make the ranked PvP experience unpleasant, which I would be addressing here.

  1. In the loadout screen while searching for match, I have set my Grenades to “Flashbang”.
    When I play a PvP match and switch to my grenade, I find out that I have spawned in with a smoke grenade. This is very frustrating. Now I have to keep a mental reminder that during the starting of every match, I have to press the ‘Y’ button and then press D-Pad Up to switch to flashbangs. The existence of this bug completely defeats the purpose of having a loadout selection function.

  2. This particular bug was rare. I won MVP in a ranked TDM match. But I didn’t get the promised “Top Player” bonus (250 GP). On the victory screen, it showed my character model, but it failed to show my banner behind my character model.

  3. TC promised us additional GP as compensation if a player in our team quits (200 GP received for ranked TDM if one player quits). I never get my promised compensation if a player quits my team.
    If I have played 10 ranked matches in which a player quits my team, only in one match out of those 10 do I receive the promised 200 GP as compensation (GP is awarded under the title - Uneven Teams).

  4. This is a matchmaking bug. When it says, ‘Creating Lobby’ it takes a significant amount of time to get into the voting screen. However, the voting screen never appears. The game throws you back to the main menu, and then restarts the matchmaking again. It also briefly shows a small message on the top stating “Installation progress”(You can see it pop-up briefly around the 10 second mark of the video).
    This bug is very common.
    A video showcasing this particular bug is attached below for your reference :


@TC_MichaelAOS ,@TC_Sera ,@TC_Kilo1062

Thank you for your time!

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At least you got a victory screen. Won a FFA today and the game just ended.

This only seems to affect certain people and then remains broken. Kinda like the re-up-changes but on a smaller scale.


The GP-compensation sometimes takes some time afaik.




There is this bug where I get paired with Mr. No-Thumbs and a squad of similarly talented randoms, whilst the enemy team is composed of thumb-wielding gaming gods with massive egos.
Plz fix.


U cant just say Mr anymore, u will hurt someones feelings


good call

I won a FFA today and the screen just froze on my character after the final kill and no MVP screen was shown. After that it took me to the end screen but no scoreboard.

I read that too and found it so funny.

That’s a similar bug to squading up with 3 other people and I can’t hear them in chat for 2 full games. Weird.

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Is this the same team that never goes for boom?


And embar!

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What a garbo team. I told you your squad has no sweat.

Always go for boom.

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Must be the keyboard and controller

But come OP 6 I’ll get a better team

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Yep I mentioned that to Tc sera

You seem to only get compensation if a player quits in round one. I’ve had people leave the second round numerous times and I haven’t received anything

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I dislike ping-ponging


I once saw a player leave at the second or third round (can’t remember), just literally 5 seconds before the match ended, and that was the only time I ever received the compensation (200 GP).

Its weird.

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The main menu bug has been around for a long time, when that happens and they play with friends, your friends will get stuck in the main menu and if they find a lobby they won’t be able to vote for a card TC doesn’t really care the main thing is that your store works.

Sad but true

Do you use auto-translate for the forums or why is your quote in German?

There are also a couple of bugs I’d like to mention:

1- There was a new update in mid-january that changed the way characters behaved. Now they are slower, clunkier and they don’t seem to react at the moment. Whenever I’m sliding and I shoot it doesn’t come out. It’s been about 2 months and they still haven’t fixed it unfortunately.

2- For some reason, every single game has been 4v4 (Guardian being the only mode that works in that regard). TC hasn’t changed the background when you check the scoreboard so I assume it’s because its meant to be a 5v5. I wish they could fix that.

Those 2