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Bugs from launch that aren’t fixed

Everyone’s favorite character! Pepsiman! That’s right TC still doesn’t fix the pepsiman bug

Also the random guy running around without weapons, also a bug from launch that should’ve been fixed 3 months ago


Or how about when you’re searching for a ranked match but you get kicked to the menu, the search continues and you’re still stuck on the menu? You’ll be stuck there till the map loads, meaning you can’t vote the map or change your character.

Has ANYONE experienced this? I’ve never seen a post about it but it happens to me roughly once every 3 - 4 games. I’m 99% sure this is the reason why I only see 3 - 5 votes in the map selection, because everyone’s stuck on the damn menu.


At least once every few games. It’s very annoying.

Seems more likely to happen if you’re in a submenu when searching for a match (customisation, stats etc). I also have it happen way more when I’m not the squad leader/host.


-No close footstep audio (gears 3 had better audio by a lot)
-Flashes still stunning through walls
-People holding a gun with 1 hand
-Point blank hard aims showing entire spreads hitting with no damage
-after getting flashed screen stays flashed the entire match
-ranking system still just as broke
-constantly getting killed by people not even looking at you
There’s a few more bugs I just thought off the top of my head I bet I could fill a page with more but that’s ok instead of fixing anything they are adding FFA and a bunch of crap skins nobody wants or asked for… (besides a locust…)


This happens to me and all of my regular team daily.

Still getting dissolved lobbies, why can’t the matchmaking system be smart enough to keep looking for players instead of restarting the matchmaking every time someone leaves, Gears 2/3 managed it perfectly, and I still get kicked out when everyone has loaded onto the map and the countdown is about to start because someone apparently left, again why can’t it continue to search and bring someone in to the game, I’m getting this a lot lately and is frustrating having to manually search for a game 5 times.

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Happens to me all the ■■■■■■■ time. I’m surprised it’s never been fixed

Tc don’t care. All they care about is the store and e sports. They won’t fix bugs or add new content. Don’t be silly

It’s getting worse,:cry:I was hoping that campaign/horde was fixed b4 the new free 4 all/operation 2 got released,

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■■■■■■■ for real. I had to stop my collectible/component run at act 3 because the components aren’t spawning.

And Horde… omg there’s so many issues regarding Horde. Enemies spawning or glitching out of the map, Jack getting stuck in stairs or fortifications when downed, JD not being able to spot, games starting with less than five players, and the list goes on and on and on.

That’s triple-A gaming for yah nowadays. Rush an unfinished, broken mess to the public for $60 and then spend the first six months fixing all the issues. It feels like Operation 1 was just a really long beta, if I’m being honest here.


Campaign still isn’t fixed? Is that a Joke?

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Too right my brother I paid £69.99 for my copy,my son played the campaign still not complete(awaiting his achievements)

Yes I know my friend watched mixer/twitch where people could not go on to finish the campaign,(Even my son is awaiting his collectables),but tonight he got his campaign achievement)Looks like I will have to not do this campaign,I’m outraged truthfully.

I have been quite spared from glitches except the most usual ones but my girlfriend have been suffering from a whole bunch of different glitches ranging from not being able to reup for several weeks to not getting xp correctly. The major ones she still experience is:
*The reload glitch where your weapon image just flashes and you need to switch weapon to get it to work again.
*Every time she goes on the game it is like she never played. She gets the boot camp and every item and character unlocked has exclamation marks, kind of annoying.