Bugs from Hivebuster Campaign

Just wanted to show some clips of bugs I ran into and hope they get a fix, since I can only post png and jpgs just go to my Xbox account ( UndeadDarkspawn ), the first 4 clips are from the Gears 5 campaign, this is directed towards the developers for an eventual fix.

Man i can’t get past the part where we have to get put of Sanctum!

Fall through the floor after the elevator cutacene. every time. Enemies not spawning in rooms. Upgrades disappeared. I don’t get how people are actually finishing this.

On PC.
This is atrocious. No idea how this made it past QA.
It’s literally unwinnable.

I beat it but thats just because I played it on my console instead of my PC, they still have original campaign bugs since the games initial release.

By… not encountering these bugs. I’ve played through the DLC 3 times now - Xbox player - and didn’t run into anything gamebreaking, albeit I always made sure to complete the DLC in one go because of people saying the ability upgrades disappear if you don’t.


Should have clarified but yeah I’m playing on PC.

Can’t believe the Jack component reset is back. I tried on Incon before I ran into the fall through the floor glitch. It could be a loading issue with my pc components of course.

Honestly, I never had the Jack component issue either. I can’t tell if these issues people are reporting are platform specific from my own experience because I experienced very little bugs during any of my Campaign playthroughs, and usually it wasn’t something not able to be fixed by loading a checkpoint back up. The most annoying thing I encountered in the DLC was the non-host player getting “disconnected” in coop during cutscenes which I’ve mostly seen happen in Chapter 5 and 6.