Bugs! Bugs! We got bugs!


So I have been playing alot of Guardian lately and noticed something that happened a good few times. Someone in the list was the leader but when we spawned in they were no where to be seen and suddenly we all only had 1 life. I naturally assumed they quit or lagged out but then it happened to me. I can play as a guardian no problem but when I was the leader the game wouldn’t allow me to spawn and my team went in with only 1 life and all I could do was watch

Another one (maybe) is the kill cam in Guardian. It doesn’t appear after I have died … like ever lol. I had a match against a player who was making rediculos headshots but without the kill cam I couldn’t prove if they were skill or aimbot. Yes I have my kill cam on.


Jack seems to have a bug that appears to occur just after you finished a hijack. I was zapping enemies like they were going on sale with no problem but then after a hijack my zapper suddenly stopped working. I could stun the enemies but they were taking no damage plus my zapper is invisible. Only way I could fix it was by dying. This one has been around for a bit but thought id bring it up.

Reload bug?

So this is another one that happens during any mode and even in the campaign. Hit reload once and the gun jams. Doesn’t matter what gun or what mode the gun just jams. I am not hitting the button twice just to be clear. Now it doesn’t happen all the time but none the less it costs alot when it happens in the middle of a gnasher fight lol.

I shall be sending a ticket in. Just want to know has anyone else come across these.

Ill tag the TCs anyway but ticket away lol
@TC_Sera @TC_Kilo1062

Ticket number #57049. Well at least its gone through lol.


The leaderboard preventing spawning in in Arcade is still a thing,but at least now it goes away after waiting for 30 seconds - 2minutes which is obviously better than an actual solution to the problem.

They also introduced a new issue where the game is super choppy when loading where you can watch everyone lag across the map before spawning in 20 seconds later.

Really appreciate the effort TC put into the only versus-mode that is bearable for longer than 10 minutes.

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Kill Cams are off for Guardian normally, same with FFA.

This is happening to me in horde except instead of reload its firing another longshot bullet
kind of annoying when 2 out of 15 shots double fire out of my control
I’ll try and get a clip for proof…

Wow I thought they at least fixed that one. Always happened to me in VS events.

Oh I did not know that. Any reason as to why or are they just off?

Extraordinally annoying. Its one of those bugs that strike at a critical point in the game. As well now that you mention it the longshot does fire the odd time when hitting reload. I don’t have video evidence of it happening unfortunately mainly because I haven’t been using the longshot in Horde. Ill try get some but knowing my luck it will never happen again lol.

Also a hole in regency wall that look like it was never finished.


your daily annoying forum poster Shoobie Doo has recorded video evidence of such malarkey because I have nothing better to do with my time!

Seriously guys…fix this. Marksman is a great class and choking up can result in a bad time with your ultimate.

Well Sh**! That was fast lol. Yep thats its right there. Exactly what happens lol. thanks for saving my ■■■ a ton a gameplay where this never happens to capture lol.

Tbh that’s borderline plagiarism.

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I wasn’t expecting you to be here…

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I watch you constantly.

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Obvious troll topic. This game has no bugs.

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It’s affecting every weapon I noticed when I was testing it more and it only comes to DeeBee’s, Tested with Retro Lancer bullets travel to the upper torso instead of the head. tried with the Lancer same thing. Used Living Legend and all of my bullets are going to the upper torso instead of the head. This really needs to be addressed and fixed because it’s making my Horde/Escape experience terrible and I dread seeing DeeBee’s even more now

The ■■■■? I have about 100 hours on Fahz and never seen this. Did you play around with your control-scheme or have a fancy “Elite”-Controller.

60$ Xbox One controller - Robot White
Default Settings/Thumbs

Something I noticed about this bug is that it only happens when you’re in cover. So just standing up sniping it shouldn’t happen.


I might as well keep them here and apologise if I brought them up in someone elses thread as I completley forgot I had my own for this lol. Ill get some footage and sen it off to TC but with the recent response to my previous ticket it all seems kind of pointless. All the bugs mentioned in the original post are still very much present.

Boss wave music
There is none. Boss waves starts and its complete silence apart from the usual sound effects. I would like to say I could do with out but I have gotten really used to it and rather like it.

Silent Wakaatu
Makes no sound what so ever. The sound effects of it coming out of the ground and pounding before it launches it … what are they? poison bubbles? … anyway thats all there but when the Wakaatu is moving around there is absolutley no sound at all. No screech or scream or even the sound effects of its wings just a completey silent boss in the air.

Event Respawn.
I think we are are all farmiliar with this one and if not then you are one lucky S.O.B lol. Die and wait for the timer to respawn you only to find you are still in spectater mode but the game has actually spawned your character in but hasn’t given you control or allows you see them. Only way out is to to be killed by the opposing team but majority of the time I get kicked for idling even though I am activiley waiting to get back in lol.

Fabricator Kick
This one has been killing my engineer class since OP 3. Pick up the fabricator, move the fabricator and a few second later I am kicked out of the game. Don’t know what causes it but whatever it is its its a 4 operation bug now lol. I never heard back from TC on this one but ill keep sending tickets if I have to lol.

Thats it for now. Ill get some footage and send it to TC and if there are any bugs I missed feel free to post it.


This game has infinite bugs, no joke and it seems whenever they fix something, new ones appear.
Particular ones that happen to me quite often and beyond annoying are:

  • The game starts up, takes much longer to load and it’s like the first boot where I need to set all kinds of parameters. Restarting the game fixes it and loads my profile and settings normally. I’ve been noticing this since around OP4.

  • Infinite loading screen upon joining a match where instead of counting down, the counter goes up and I can’t get out. Only restarting the game works. Has been a bug since launch.

  • Not being able to get back to the lobby screen when I’m checking the game store or other things from the lower bar when I’m waiting for the lobby to get full. This basically locks you in as well without being able to do anything until either the host (when it’s not me) starts the game or I need to restart the game. Has been a bug since launch.

  • Not being able to reconnect to the game services with some error. This one ticks me off the most and happens 75% of the time when I’ve been away for a while. This has also been going on since Gears of War 4. Look, I totally understand wanting to alleviate server connections, BUT WHY can’t you just include a reconnect button, like in e.g. Doom Eternal, TC? IS IT THAT HARD? Or do you guys there think that changing the player menu from right to left trigger on the main screen was a better QoL improvement when the player column is on the right? Like seriously…


There’s something about the Infiltrator bleed which is inconsistent, sometimes I’m dealing a lot of bleed damage (2k plus), then sometimes I’ll get a full spread at point blank range and only get 400 bleed per tick.

I think it may have something to do with distance, because this tends to happen when I get a full spread at point blank, I leave to let the bleed do its work and it just doesn’t bleed out.

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cough Ghost melee and broken Boss-hitboxes cough

Seriously, I love playing Lahni but these 2 things make me go nuclear at least once per match. Bosses are massive blobs and the textures literally connect on your screen, but you still don’t hit them. And having enemies RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU that you need to hit to survive and you just wave around ih the air instead downed me countless times.

Do you know about the roll-fab-cancel? Might wanna give it a try and see if that still kicks you from the game.

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I have both support engineers maxed, arquitect at 18 and I never knew about this bug before but I was playing the daily map with the mechanic and got kicked 2 matches in a row. I thought the servers were down but now I realize It was a bug and happens when you hold the fab for a few seconds while you are trying to place it

Not sure if this is new or not but the Nomad’s bleed card doesn’t seem to work with the Torque.