Bugs Bugs Bugs! Sept. 11

Tour of Duty will not appear at all!
Keeps “loading” forever.

GNASHER problems! I am a wizard with the gnasher but too many times I have lost a cqb with 92-99% damage. Absolutely infuriating!

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Did you cast the right spell with the Gnasher?

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Oh and yes you’re already aware but I am missing campaign related achievements! I was confused when I realized I didn’t get the “complete all acts of the campaign” achievement.

I can’t take your post seriously with that profile pic. It feels like you are lying. Probably a Pinocchio feeling.

Just started a horde match on frenzy. I was Keegan. Lizzie (level 14) popped her ultimate just as we spawned. She immediately jumped out. Just for fun I jumped in. After the time expired, I couldn’t move. Wave started and still couldn’t move. Went down and was revived. Still couldn’t move. Went down again and COG hit his ultimate. Still couldn’t move.

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