Bugs and Compensation

I’ll try to keep this short and easy to read but I’d like to discuss the current state of Gears 5.

TC has more bugs than a damn insectarium, just check out the trello. Originally I wanted them to compensate for these bugs with other things but the list is actually so long that it wouldn’t be possible for them to keep up. Some of them juvenile while others are a bit more…sinister?

These more sinister bugs could fall under store items not being purchased or Re-Up progress being reset. Stuff like this should definitely be compensated for but I don’t think it ever is. People still suffer from the Re-Up changes and others still haven’t received store items.

I feel like Devs should toss the community a bone in situations like these to show they’re sorry for inconveniencing their players. 4x EXP boost, Extra Daily Re-Rolls or even Double Legend Coin Payout, Doesn’t have to be these exactly or even a long period of time but SOMETHING would be nice. Whatever happened to apology cards when you mess up things?

I don’t know, maybe I’m just being entitled. I know there are plenty of Re-Up 50 people now and a lot of this probably doesn’t apply to them but I’m sure we all can agree that it would be nice to see them compensate a bit more for these mistakes.


What boggles my mind is that it seems like the game is much more broken now than it was at the beginning of OP5. Am I simply not remembering the details well?

While the game is still mostly playable and not the worst thing I’ve played, I don’t remember having so many bugs before OP6. Now there’s some audio bug that will occasionally turn everything to a high pitched squeal until I restart the game. My PC version drops framerate constantly and crashes and I’m running it on an RTX 3080. Almost once a match, my guns will simply disappear so I’m firing an imaginary pistol until I purposely kill myself to reset them. Hoffman still sounds like Marcus.

I understand that Gears 5’s team is likely much smaller than it’s ever been at this point and they’re probably strapped as they’re trying to produce content at a fast pace with a small team. But the game simply isn’t as clean as it was, and it’s coupled with a casual indifference to the overall community’s opinion that current Versus tuning just is not good. I might actually be okay with them delaying OP7 content to instead focus on fixing what we already have.

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It’s getting worse. I cannot play a match of any sort or private or public lobbies without massive network lag. Like it’s so bad I wonder if a server is down or? At the beginning of OP 5 this wasn’t an issue.

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I mean, the last time there was a double XP event I wasn’t able to partake in it, because the re-up update broke all my progression for a week.

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Re-up update broke the progression and rewards for many players.

But they didn’t give any compensation for that, did they?

Since Saturday,I can’t get any experience or cards. I have opened a ticket, hopefully TC will fix it soon.

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While I do agree with you and do think players deserve to be compensated for the complete nightmare TC has caused I myself have gone beyond compesation. Its just gone beyond rediculos at this stage. Its honestly like watching someone balance something on a scales against something much heavier and rinse and repeat. Especially reminds me of a guy I had on my team who constantly made mistakes where it eventually got to the point where I would have to walk into the offices and just say no excuses just fix it.

Since TC is a Microsoft developer I would say they would have to pass it by them before they can make a move and honestly with what I hear (hear say of course) about Microsoft they are not really on the side of players.

Any way I am rambling on here lol but yes TC need to compensate players especially those who did not recieve anything from a real money purchase and are still waiting months.

I feel the foot step audio was messed with and I don’t remember them saying they did.

Nope, I got nothing. I don’t think anyone got anything.