Buggy launch of operation 4 & thoughts?

Tried playing some king and everyone got booted halfway through had someone tell me this was happening all morning to them. Also got the exclamation point next to some escape characters and figured with all the changes some new cards or upgrades were available since we can upgrade to level 6 now and it showed me as having more than enough cards to upgrade but still cost coins to upgrade, is this how it is now? or is that just a bug, either way ended up accidentally using 3,000 scrap which sucks. I figure how it is with the new operation just coming out and the beta testing and ranked preseason.

But what’s everyone’s thought on the operation so far.
I think there’s been some really nice visual changes to the store, main menu, and versus screens. Really excited to see dom back and that you can now get all these characters and full weapon sets with the new currency. Does suck having grinded during tour and it now being available like that but at the same time some should’ve been base content. Also they have all the kryll skins for all the weapons in a bundle for 850 when it was like 400 iron I believe for each one which sucks if you bought several of those they maybe should’ve done a pay the difference or something. Like that you can see who’s in a party as well and the new map reactor. Still holding out for ranked tdm.

Edit: now can’t load into matches in 2v2 solo, tried with a friend and it let us load into matches, but solo kept giving me errors or saying something about not being able to connect to the server and restarting search when I was on the screen to load up a game and everyone voted right before countdown. Tried loading up a koth and gridiron as well and got code ragani which I’m seeing a lot in forums I guess servers are down.

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I love anything else except for the crashing. I’m on the Window’s store version and the game has crashed like 6 times in the span of an hour. I’ve already submitted a ticket and everything.
From the little I’ve played, it’s pretty good


Game runs absolutely perfect to me, no bugs, awesome gameplay finally!!! please, please dont move anything from now on!!!

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It’s super buggy. I get kicked half way in a ranked king & lose all my points.

Something needs to be done about this.

I’ve spent an easy $300 on this game in full support. They better stop kicking me mid match & let me enjoy their product.


You claim the game is bugged and he claims it runs fine. Are you also going to tell me to “Stop”? I just played for about 4 hours and apart from a visual glitch in social, everything went perfect.

Last time I had so much fun playing G5 was on December.

Not everyone has the same experiences you do.

Have you tried ranked? I don’t play social. Ranked almost all my friends have been kicked out mid match already.

@LeonSandwich let me clarify. “Ranked modes”

I only mentioned a visual glitch in social, ranked was fine and so was again last night. A bug here and there as usual but nothing as catastrophic as you implied.

I saw a report on twitter stating they “fixed” whatever was wrong, maybe it did the trick for you? I’m truly surprised that I’ve managed to get a pleasant experience out of Gears for 2 days in a row.

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