Buggy Backup on Gears Tactics?

Good evening,
Since the beginning of the game I have the same problem, I do 4/5 missions I then stop when I restart the game the next day, I only have 2 missions that have been saved… I start again, 4/5 missions, j ‘’ always further away then when I return to the game, rewrite the backup returns to 3/4 missions before, suddenly I replay every day 2/3 missions then 2 new, then I go back etc etc … I am a fan so I continue like this, I finish the campaign, always this same problem, I send a ticket, (still no response after 1 month).
Here I am at the veteran mission 25 for a few weeks… I can progress until the 27 or 28 when I reconnect nothing to do, I come back to the 25…

Anyone have any idea why? And a solution?

NB: I play with the pc gamepass. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled 2 times, still the same problem.

Not an exact fix for your problem but try a manual backup and see how it goes.

It’s not possible, this game can not be backup manually. :confused:

Yes you can, you copy the folder and then replace it. The user who suggested it said it worked for him and out of curiosity I tested it myself and it worked just fine.

I updated the post with another way posted by the new Community Manager.

Not the best solution I know, but at least it’s better than hoping the cloud server does not delete your save file on a whim.

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