Bugged Story Achievements (Secret 5G)

Ok, I’m officially tired of trying it once again. I have spend 72 hours and 53 minutes in the story mode, completed the story on ironman Inconseivable both on pc and xbox one in coop and solo (coop: pc+xbox and xbox+xbox) and because of more bugs I had to find 65 collectibles for that one achievement. I also completed 133 chapters. I got like all the story achievements BUT 10 of the secret achievements for the story mode won’t unlock for me:
And You Said We Couldn’t Fly
As If Snatchers Weren’t Bad Enough
Betty’s My Kind of Girl
Broadcast This!
Looks Like an Elevator to Hell
One Hell of an Exhibit
Raiding is what Outsiders Do
Still Not Ironic
Warriors, Kings….Wizards.
Welcome Home

These 10 Achievements are 100% unlockable for me no matter what I am trying to do. I need someone to fix that bug. I tried hard reset, switching between pc and xbox, tried to play online coop and split screen coop, Ironman on Inconceivable and Hardcore and some other stuff.

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That sucks that’s happened. Have you tried messaging the coaltion support twitter?
They’re usually pretty good with stuff like this

Thanks for the tip. I just send them a message. I hope they can help me

i have the same issue were they able to help you?

all they said to me is that they are busy with gears 5
also dont try to delete your savegame files. It does not work. Reinstalling the game also doesn’t work at all. its a faulty system from coalitions side. so if they dont fix it theres nothing that could fix it.
Also what I found out is that the Game does not count the finished chapters anymore. It’s stuck on 133. It still counts the Time but not the Chapters. still on 133 but now on 3 days and 14 hours
As I finished the story in coop (had to help 2 friends because of the gilded RAAM) completely no chapter was counted at all . a playthrough has atleast 24 chapters and my stats still say “finished Hardcore chapters=0”