Bug with working duplicate characters in Horde, appears related to different skins of same character

I had 2 matches where I encountered 2 players playing the same character. One of the matches had 2 Jacks, which is pretty great by the way, and in another match I was Kait along with another person.

I checked the footage I recorded from those games and noticed that in both cases, the duplicate characters had a different character skin.
In the match with 2 Jacks, one had the default Jack skin whereas the other had the Halo Reach version.

In the other match with 2 Kaits, I had the gilded skin and the other person had the winter armor version.

I haven’t done any testing but this strongly suggests that you can somehow bypass the duplicate rule by using the same character with a different skin than the other person.

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All you have to do is when there is the loading map timer, have your curser on the person you want to be and at the last second mash “a” on them. I had a full team of jacks just for fun one game.