Bug with seriously 5.0 part 1

i need help with seriously 5.0, i can’t unlock and i did all

Hi, welcome to the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

First, the most common “error” for players who believe that the achievement is glitched is because of:

1- Campaign doesn’t count that you completed on Insane.

Do you have the icon for completing on Insane on every chapter? Sometimes the game doesn’t count 1 chapter, even if you completed it.

2- Horde maps doesn’t count that you completed on Master.

You can see your stats on Gears5.com and as I commented above, sometimes the game doesn’t count a horde completed (Maybe the problem is joining mid-game or if you lost connection and join again).

You stats should show at least 1 master run on every launch map

Also, if you have some horde maps incomplete, I recommend playing a full 1-50. Some players only played the wave 50 and the achievement popped,

3- Hives doesn’t count as completed:

The same as above.

There are 2 The hive, and IIRC you need to complete both

If nothing what I writted is the source of your problem, I don’t have more ideas.

Good luck