Bug with news skins?

Guys, I just bought a new gear skins in store, and i dont see them in my characters. Any1 have the same problem? Or I must do something additional, to get them?
Sorry for my bad english.

the new cog soldier? that should be a new character and not just a skin. did you buy it with iron or equip a totem with scrap?

I bought this characters in a store for iron. Dont see them on my characters menu.

I’ve had this problem with gnasher skin it took my scarp and re locked the skin the next day well annoyed about it, not seen this update as of yet so I’m hoping it’ll be there but I’m sure it won’t be, it hasn’t even given me back the scrap I spent

do you see them there and they are greyed out? i can see all the new characters on the character screen but i don’t own them so they are greyed out.