Bug with Jack and Flock

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Are you aware of a bug with Jack or Flock in PvE. Using Jack in Horde
, for whatever reason his zapper just stopped working. Couldn’t find a fix. It showed it in the corner available to use but couldn’t zap anything.

Unsure if this is an issue with the modifier or the enemy but we had a flock on a boss wave the “regen health over time is on” it was being shot at but was regening health instantly not even giving us a chance. It was on master but with everyone constantly shooting at it it just keep regening so fast took ages to take it out.

Is this known?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Jack can’t handle the Flock very well. Probably something to do with the hitbox.

But sometimes the Stun and/or the healing beam simply stop working and usually you have to go down/die to reset it.

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I weren’t trying to get the flock with jack it had already stopped working by the time the issue with the flock happened.

Tried a bunch of things to fix it nothing. Can only heal and fix things

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Oh yeah, I’ve had that a few times. Only way to bypass that is dying. Did a 50wave-horde today and my repair-beam started stuttering around 35. No clue what caused it. TC might be aware of it, but I doubt they’re gonna fix it anytime.

Just call it a “new feature”

Tc like to add these with every update, its like last nite was a gears 2 event, rubber banding ppl running into walls and such. We all remember what it was like when a lag swith got used??

Theres a feature thats been here since launch and we liked it so much they left it in.